Airbus Defence and Space’s GEO Data Packages

Our archives have been filled over decades with satellite imagery, data and derived geo-information. Our GEO Packages contain off-the-shelf information from these archives – attractively packaged to support oil and gas companies' international exploration and production activities.

Rapid Availability of Geo-Information for Oil & Gas Assessments

World-wide activities from oil, gas and mining companies require quick assessment of technical and non-technical conditions for feasibility studies and exploration. Our GEO Data Packages respond to this need: Regional and country packages have been created from Airbus Defence and Space’s huge data archives.

These GEO Data Packages can be accessed quickly, as they comprise geo-information already available off-the-shelf. Customers select relevant layers in line with actual needs. Strong discounts are applied - the more layers are selected, the more attractive the discount (compared to individual orders). 

Processed Aerial Imagery - DSM 1m, Belfort, France

Further, an attractive access to up-date and/or upgrade geo-information is an additional option – quick and easy, relying on Airbus Defence and Space's profound satellite constellation and related service capacity. 

The following archive layers can be comprised in a GEO Data Package (availability may vary for different country/ regional packages):

Search for your GEO Data Package by country or region.

GEO Data Packages for Countries
Country Available Layers
Southern Sudan    
Middle East
Country Available Layers
Country Available Layers
GEO Data Packages for Region
Country Region Available Layers
Cameroon Bomana-Lungaha-Dissoni    
Middle East
Country Region Available Layers
Oman Block 18    
Block 41    
Block 43a  
Block 48  
Block 56  
Block 57  
Block 59    
South America
Country Region Available Layers
Brazil Foz do Amazonas Basin    
Pará Maranha Basin    
Barreirinhas Basin    
Parnaiba Basin    
Bacia Terrestre do Espírito Santo    
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Airbus Defence and Space’s GEO Data Packages