SPOT 7 Successfully Undergoes a Series of Tests

Construction and testing on SPOT 7 are continuing at Astrium Satellites. SPOT 6 continues its data acquisition: 300 million km² have already been acquired, of which nearly half have less than 10% cloud.

SPOT 7 before the tests in a thermal vacuum

SPOT 7 before the tests in a thermal vacuum
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After a phase of mechanical tests in January 2013, SPOT 7 likewise successfully passed all its environmental tests such as the operability of the satellite in a vacuum or under extreme temperatures.

Currently, May 2013, the flight suitability of the four CMGs (Control Moment Gyroscopes) has been checked. Their purpose is to guide the manoeuvring of the platform and adjust the acquisition axis to ensure optimum geometrical quality of the images.  

Where the ground segment is concerned, system tests are underway. The performances of the systems are evaluated by a number of simulation tests on the programming of the constellation or on data reception.

Of course, all these tests are benefiting from the experience feedback from SPOT 6. The SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 satellites are designed for a service life of 10 years in orbit.

SPOT 7 successfully undergoes a series of tests

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