WorldDEM™ Products

Standardised DEMs for any Point on Earth

Airbus Defence and Space’s WorldDEM provides a global dataset of unprecedented quality, accuracy and coverage. To help users take advantage of the highly precise elevation information, three core products are available.

Product WorldDEMcore


Unedited Digital Surface Model without any further post-processing (editing).
This product usually contains radar and processing artefacts and voids.

Product WorldDEM™


Edited Digital Surface Model with assured hydrological consistency (i.e. flattening of water bodies, consistent flow of rivers,
editing of shoreline).
Ideal for defence and security mission,
oil & gas applications.

Product WorldDEM DTM

Available now:

Digital Terrain Model representing the bare Earth terrain (vegetation and man-made objects are removed).
Ideal for mapping, hydrological modelling or terrain analysis.

While these products represent the initial WorldDEM product offering, Airbus Defence and Space can provide an expanded portfolio of additional products based on the WorldDEM data, including Global Ocean Shoreline, Waterbody Map, and Global Airport / Harbour Map.

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WorldDEM Database

All available WorldDEM products are displayed in the WorldDEM™ Database .

In this online browser you can verify the availability of WorldDEM products for your Area of Interest. 

WorldDEM™ Products