Infrastructure Development Projects Made Easy with Elevation30

3D Geographic Reference Database Delivers DEMs for Large Area Coverage

Derived from both optical and radar satellite data and available off-the-shelf for > 65 billions km² worldwide, Elevation30 rapidly delivers elevation information for mapping and terrain modelling applications.

Engineering companies tasked with the construction of road and railway networks commence the design phase with the collection of geographic information of the target area.

This input data must be rapidly available, up to date and consistent across vast areas to allow evaluation of costs and planning of site operations.

Rapid Data Availability

Elevation30 - Infrastructure Development Projects Made Easy

Thanks to the Elevation30 database such a preliminary design study can be accomplished without needing to send teams to the site or request authorizations from local authorities.

Based on the accurate and rapidly available information on terrain characteristics civil engineers can determine the best route, identify obstructions and locate structures.

Elevation30 supports a more dependable calculation of the cubic volumes of earth to be excavated and / or filled in support a more precise evaluation of operating costs.

The completion of the design phase can be achieved faster and with reduced costs - important factors for large engineering projects.

Key Benefits
  • More accurate and detailed information for project AOI available rapidly
  • Optimised planning process saving time and costs in the design phase
  • Faster decision making process based on dependable base data
Project References
  • The Algerian national rail transport operator, Systra, used Elevation30 for the planning of a 800km rail link.
  • Elevation30 used for 3D visualisation to determine a future railway corridor.

Infrastructure Development Projects Made Easy with Elevation30