Elevation10 Supports Reliable Map Creation

Precise High-Resolution 3D Mapping Using Spaceborne SAR
Elevation10 Supports Reliable Map Creation

Based on data acquired by the high-resolution weather-independent TerraSAR-X satellite, Astrium offers a one-stop approach for data acquisition, elevation model generation and map production.

TerraSAR-X data is ideally suited for topographic mapping thanks to the satellite's high resolution, geometrical accuracy and flexible acquisition modes.

Based on TerraSAR-X StripMap data Elevation10 DEMs are derived, featuring an absolute height accuracy of up to 5m in a 10m grid spacing. These Digital Surface Models (DSM) are then transferred into Digital Terrain Models (DTM), providing contour line information.

The identical input data source can also be used for image interpretation (extraction of topographic and feature information) thus ensuring a rapid availability of maps in high geometric accuracy and thematic quality.

This approach supports the creation of topographic map sheets at scales of 1:100,000, 1:50,000 or 1:25,000.

Key Benefits
  • One-stop approach: images, elevation & maps
  • High geometric accuracy and thematic quality
  • Perfect matching: identical data basis for image interpretation and DEM generation
  • Maximum time- and cost-efficiency for large-scale projects and sustainable update schemes

Cost-efficient and Sustainable Map Updates

The advantage of the concept is fully exploited when map updates are generated: TerraSAR-X's consistent imaging geometry and semi-automatic change detection algorithms enable a rapid and accurate identification of changes. Such efficient update processes significantly reduce the cost of up-to-date map generation.

Project References
  • Appr. 400,000km² were mapped with DSMs in Indonesia including some of the world’s most challenging terrain e.g. volcanoes and thousands of outlying islands.
  • A major international client received topographic maps and change detection analysis over an area of almost 20,000 km on the East coast of Africa.
  • TerraSAR-X mapped the area of Colina (Chile) after the Earthquake in 2010.
    Analysis by the client confirmed that an absolute vertical accuracy of < 8.5m over the whole AOI with a terrain height ranging from 300m up to 2,700m was achieved.

Elevation10 Supports Reliable Map Creation