Highly Detailed DEMs for Local Coverage
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Elevation4 features a posting of 4m and is ideally suited for 3D mapping of dense urban areas or relief in steep terrain. It ideally complements Airbus Defence and Space's extensive GEO Elevation portfolio, providing an optimised fit for the needs of urban mapping.

Main Features

Elevation4 DSM of Hobart, Tasmania

Elevation4 DSM of Hobart, Tasmania

  • Up to 2m vertical accuracy at 4m grid spacing
  • Compliant to HRE40 standards
  • Ideally suited for any kind of relief (urban or environmental)
  • DSM and DTM available

Detailed DEMs for Local Coverage

Elevation4 products are derived from Pléiades stereo and tristereo data, processed through automatic matching and manual editions. The DEMs feature a very high level of accuracy and provide highly detailed information. The models are available tailored exactly to the customer’s area of interest starting at a minimum of 100km², the scope of delivery including the DEM, a 50cm orthomosaic and the Stereo pair.


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Did You Know?

Pléiades’ tristereo acquisition mode collects a third image close to nadir between the two traditional stereo pairs. By doing this, elevation or hidden objects can be revealed that would otherwise remain hidden in steep terrain or urban canyons in dense built-up areas.

Tristereo Acquisition