Pléiades, Very High-resolution Satellite Imagery

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With Pléiades 1A in orbit and Pléiades 1B scheduled for launch in 2012, the Pléiades constellation provides very-high-resolution optical products in record time, offering daily revisits to any point on the globe and acquisition capabilities tailored to meet the full spectrum of civil and military requirements.

Details and Precision

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Pléiades products supply detailed information about target areas and their surroundings:

  • 50-cm resolution, colour, orthorectified imagery.
  • 20-km ground footprint at nadir, up to 100 km x 100 km in strip mapping mode.

These features make Pléiades products the ideal solution for precision mapping and photointerpretation.

Quick Delivery

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The Pléiades system is designed to rapidly deliver data, e.g. for emergency response:

  • The phased orbits of the constellation’s satellites offer daily revisits to any point on the globe.
  • Three satellite work plans a day ensure easy handling of last-minute tasking requests.
  • An automated production system generates 20km x 20km orthorectified images in just 30 minutes.

Availability and Flexibility

The Pléiades constellation has the ability to acquire a maximum number of images, matching imaging modes closely to users’ needs:

  • Maximum acquisition capacity of 1 million per day, per satellite.
  • Exceptional agility to maximize acquisitions of a specific area of interest.
  • 5 acquisition modes: Target, Strip Mapping, Tristereo, Corridor and Persistent Surveillance.

Pléiades Portal

Portal Pléiades

Pléiades portal

A full range of Pléiades products and services is just one click away via a seamless and intuitive mapping interface:

  • Buying on line, sending satellite tasking requests, browsing the archive or registering for a streaming subscription is easy.
  • You can personalize your own webspace on the portal to manage your projects, track orders through to delivery and share with other users.

Direct Access Service

SEAS Zodiac Antenna

SEAS Zodiac Antenna for Pléiades

This solution lets you receive data via your own receiving station and supply Pléiades produces directly to your local market:

  • Preferential access to Pléiades.
  • Maximum responsiveness and confidentiality, in particular with Direct Tasking.

More about Direct Access Services

Pléiades Satellite Image - Cairo, Egypt © CNES 2012

Pléiades Satellite Image - Cairo, Egypt
© CNES 2012
Distribution Astrium Services/Spot Image

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Pléiades High-Resolution 3D DEMs

Pléiades’ stereo and tristereo capability makes it possible to generate DEM products with a 1-metre or 4-metre posting, ideal for 3D modelling of urban areas and relief.

Persistent Surveillance

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Persistent Surveillance
over Melbourne, Australia

Did you know?

Pléiades, a civil/military programme integrated with SPOT 6 and 7

The Pléiades programme stems from the ORFEO cooperation agreements established in September 2001 by the French and Italian space agencies to develop a dual-use Earth-imaging system offering sub-metric resolution.

The two Pléiades satellites will operate in a phased orbit with SPOT 6 and SPOT 7, the successors to SPOT 5. This constellation of four satellites will provide an ideal combination of detail and coverage, with dual daily revisits to any point on the globe.

With Pléiades 1B and SPOT 6&7, scheduled for launch in 2012 and 2013, Astrium is set to offer unrivalled capabilities guaranteeing users the right information at the right time.