SPOT 6 re-invents SPOTMaps

SPOTMaps, the national and regional wide satellite imagery mosaic range, now benefits with SPOT 6 from a new reference at 1.5-m resolution.

GEO Mosaic: a comprehensive range of mosaic

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SPOTMaps Classic

Covering 89 million sq km and more than 100 countries, SPOTMaps Classic is derived from orthorectified SPOT 5 colour satellite images at a resolution of 2.5 metres. SPOTMaps Classic is available from GeoStore.

SPOTMaps, New Generation

SPOTMaps derived from SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 data at 1.5-m resolution will be available in the second quarter of this year.


For applications requiring very high detail such as airports, pipelines, military or coastal areas, PléiadesMaps is produced with Pléiades data at 0.5-m resolution and natural colour. 

All products from the GEOMosaic range can be perfectly overlayed thanks to Reference3D, Astrium’s reference orthorectification layer. 

SPOT 6 off-the-shelf

With SPOT 6, territory coverage will be regularly and quickly updated at 1.5m resolution.
This New Generation SPOTMaps further develops our range of cost-effective and accurate mapping products – all available online.

Ideal for mapping projects, visualisation and planning, SPOT 6 is designed and operated to cover wide areas. With 6 million sq km and weather forecasts updated 6 times on a daily basis, the SPOT 6 satellite capability is fully optimised, the rate of successful acquisition increased and full regional coverage delivered more quickly.

SPOT 6 re-invents SPOTMaps