Astrium SAFEcommand solution for Brandweer Gent

The Fire and Rescue Service for the City of Ghent, Belgium
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In the 21st Century Fire and Rescue Services (incorporating Ambulance) must be supported by a reliable information system. Having identified a need to improve its IT to support operations and to prepare for a period of growth and expansion, Brandweer Gent had to ensure that a tracking capability and a way to share data with front line resources were implemented with minimum risk.

In response to Brandweer Gent’s requirements, EADS Cassidian submitted a bid that included Astrium’s SAFEcommand product suite. SAFEcommand has been deployed in the UK for over fifteen years so the concept was proven and risk free.  However work was required to include Belgian mapping and, of course, to provide Flemish user interfaces.

Elements of the project included:

  • Integration with existing control room applications (such as address and incident analysis)
  • Installation of Hazard Management System (HMS) to allow data management
  • Supply and configuration of Automatic Information Update Service (AIUS) to allow maintenance of the information stored on the mobile devices
  • Vehicle Mounted Data System (VMDS) to allow the crews to access information and record their status
  • Gateway to route messages
  • Installation in over sixty vehicles
SAFEcommand success in Ghent

Ghent, Belgium

Using SAFEcommand will dramatically speed up the time taken to update records so that information is as current as possible. This will ensure that crews have access to information that will allow faster response times and the ability to analyse and confidently deal with any incident.

Astrium SAFEcommand solution for Brandweer Gent

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