Terms of Participation in Pléiades Users Group


The Pléiades Users Group is set up to support projects based on the use of Pléiades satellites data and help their development.


Spot Image S.A., trading under the business name Astrium GEO-Information Services and located at 5, rue des satellites, 31400 Toulouse, France 

Right to Participate
Companies, academic and scientific institutions legally registered as well as individuals of adult age or under adult age with the authorization of their parents or guardian may participate in the Pléiades Users Group.


Interested participants are invited to register online from August 1st, 2012 until September 30th, 2012 on http://www.astrium-geo.com/PleiadesUsersGroup and to create their user account. They need to fill out the mandatory data and fields in the database, including providing their contact details and describing their project. Participants shall choose to share or not with the Pléiades Users Group the ground truth data they may own. Only properly registered participants may be selected to join the Pléiades Users Group.


Project(s) will be selected by the organizer based on their innovative use of Pléiades data and their possibilities of implementation. The organizer remains free to select project(s) at its sole discretion and shall assume no liability whatsoever for the outcome of the selection process.

Provision of Pléiades data

The organizer shall provide for the selected project(s) Pléiades data as reasonably requested by the participant. If such data is not available in archive, the organizer shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to program the Pléiades satellite accordingly and acquire said data in order to provide it to the selected participant.

Use of Pléiades data will be governed by a Licence which will be provided in due time to selected participant(s).


The organizer and the participants shall protect the confidentiality of the projects until the Pléiades Users Group Conference where the results of the selected project(s) will be publicly disclosed along with the names and contact details of the selected participant(s).
Nevertheless, the organizer shall not assume any liability for any damages resulting from the participant’s project becoming public.

By registering, the participants agree that the organizer may use any of the data they provided or will provide to the organizer, including photos which may be taken at the Pléiades Users Group Conference, in publicity, advertising or any kind of communication in any medium at any place and time without compensation and right of review and they agree to waive their rights in such respect.


The participant shall retain the rights to his project but his participation to the Pléiades Users Group shall not entitle the participant to any additional rights.

The participant is responsible for ensuring the intellectual property protection of his project.

Prior to his participation in the Pléiades Users Group, the participant shall ensure that his participation does not violate the rights of his employer or any other third party. Therefore, the participant warrants that the organizer shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from third-party claims.

Obligations of the Selected Participant(s)

The selected participant(s) will have to:
• Implement their project;
• Provide a written report on their work and results;
• Share with the Pléiades Users Group the ground truth data they own if they had selected this option at registration;
• Participate in the Pléiades Users Group Conference where they may be invited to present their results;
• Not communicate on their project before the Pléiades Users Group Conference.


The organizer reserves the right to modify these terms at any time, including terminating them and cancelling the Pléiades Users Group without any right to compensation for any participant.

These terms are governed by French Law, excluding its conflict of laws rules and the place of jurisdiction shall be Toulouse, France.