Flood in Krymsk, Russia

Pléiades activated to help rescue teams in Russia

Imagery and mapping products delivered to EMERCOM in support to the International Charter

On Saturday 7th of July, torrential rains swept the Southern Russian Krasnodar region, killing more than 150 people. A foot of rain dropped in the Black Sea region forcing thousands of residents to scramble out of their beds seeking refuge on trees and rooftops.

The International Charter Space and Major Disasters was activated by USGS on behalf of ROSCOSMOS/EMERCOM of Russia to help rescue teams in their relief efforts with accurate geo-information from space. 

Even though Pléiades 1A, our recent Very-High-Resolution satellite is not yet in the Charter, CNES and Astrium Services jointly decided to exceptionally task the satellite to acquire images of the affected area, and effectively acquired cloud-free imagery on July 16th, which was delivered to the Charter shortly after acquisition.

This image served as a baseline for the SERTIT (regional image processing and remote sensing department in Strasbourg, France), to generate rapid post-flood damage high-scale maps over the city of Krysmk for the Charter.

The cartographic products made from the Pléiades image show the potentially affected areas, the broken bridges and the emergency camps over Krymsk at scale 1:20 000 and 1:5 000.

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