Images for the scientific community

In 1994 CNES undertook the ISIS programme (Incitation à l'utilisation Scientifique des Images SPOT ), to facilitate access of the French scientific community to SPOT imagery. The ISIS programme is reserved exclusively to European scientists.

SPOT 4 Satellite Image - Etna, Italy, 2001

SPOT 4 Satellite Image : Etna's eruption, Italy
©CNES 2001

The SPOT images are sold at a reduced rate for purely scientific purposes or for activities demonstrating the use of satellite data for implementing Copernicus (formely GMES - Global Monitoring for Environment and Security).

Among these are:

  • emergency management and risk prevention
  • long-term management of natural resources (vegeatation, water, soil)
  • land use and coastal change detection
  • monitoring environmental stress and food security
  • understanding global change
  • monitoring compliance with international conventions (Kyoto protocol),

The data are also available for university students registered for graduate or post-graduate studies (DEA , DESS) subject to approval by CNES.