Astrium and PASCO continue their long-term collaboration

  • PASCO, a Pixel Factory™ customer since 2004, renews its licence, maintenance and distribution contract for the three systems it owns
  • Astrium and PASCO extend the exclusive Pixel Factory™ distribution agreement for the Japanese market

Toulouse, 24 April 2012 - PASCO CORPORATION and Astrium GEO-Information Services reinstate their long-term collaboration with the extension of the licence and maintenance contract for the three Pixel Factory™ systems owned by the company. These systems allow PASCO to produce high-end cartographic databases based on their own aerial sensors as well as on several satellite sensors, including ALOS. Moreover, PASCO and Astrium have extended the exclusive Pixel Factory™ Distribution Agreement for the Japanese market.

After the receiving station contract for TerraSAR-X and Pléiades signed in 2011, this new contract and agreement strengthen further the strong partnership between the two companies.

Since 2004, with the first acquisition of a Pixel Factory™, followed in 2005 and 2008 by two other systems, PASCO has always shown its founded trust in Astrium GEO-Information Services for its highly advanced earth-observation data production systems for national and international large-scale projects.

With one system in Tokyo for the R&D Centre and two systems interconnected in the Okinawa production centre, PASCO owns the most powerful Pixel Factory™ system among the 30 systems deployed worldwide today.
Jean-Michel Darroy, Head of Customer Services at Astrium GEO-Information Services and Yoichi Sugimoto, President and CEO of PASCO, congratulate each other on this long, fruitful and faithful collaboration.

Jean-Michel Darroy and Yoichi Sugimoto - Astrium and PASCO continue their long-term collaboration regarding Pixel Factory

PASCO CORPORATION, a Japan-based leading aerial photographic survey and geospatial company, is actively involved in capturing, referencing, measuring, analysing and offering geospatial information services ranging from spaceborne to airborne to ground and even ship-borne. The company also provides valuable information necessary for decision-making on disaster management in case of large-scale disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanic activities, and floods and agricultural and environmental solutions. Now PASCO has been expanding its business activities from conventional mapping to providing geospatial information, receiving and distributing satellite images with value- added products and other related services to a number of market sectors all over the world by establishing networks in Asia, Europe, North and South America.

About Astrium GEO-Information Services
Through its GEO-Information services, Astrium is recognized as one of the leaders in the geo-spatial information market, not least thanks to the now fully integrated skills and resources of the former Spot Image and Infoterra. The company provides decision-makers with complete solutions enabling them to increase security, boost agricultural performance, maximize oil & gas or mining operations, improve their management of natural resources, and protect the environment. It has exclusive access to data from the SPOT, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X satellites and Pléiades, coupled with a complete range of space-based data sources and airborne acquisition capability allowing it to offer an unrivalled scope of Earth observation products and services. This extensive portfolio covers the entire geo-information supply chain, from the generation of images to the provision of high added-value information to end-users.
By leveraging the synergies and expertise available across the whole of Astrium Services, its GEO-Information teams develop innovative, yet competitive, bespoke solutions based on the combination and integration of Earth observation, navigation and high-end telecommunications.

Astrium and PASCO continue their long-term collaboration

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