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Pléiades 50-cm-resolution products are available at two processing levels, Primary and Ortho, in all spectral combinations. You can order archive or tasked satellite imagery per over your area of interest from our GeoStore web portal or through our Customer Care Service, by contacting your usual point of contact or by completing the contact form.

Pléiades Product Options

Area of Interest Area of Interest

Define your area of interest:

  • Circle: latitude and longitude of centre in decimal degrees, radius in kilometres (based on WGS 84)
  • Rectangle: latitude and longitude of top left and bottom right corners in decimal degrees (based on WGS 84)
  • ESRI shapefile or KMZ or KML polygon: in decimal degrees, UTM WGS 84 projection 

In all cases, minimum of 25 for archive imagery and 100 for tasked imagery, with a width of at least 5km in any direction for tasked imagery (500m for archive imagery).

Spectral combinations Spectral combinations

Panchromatic (P) Multispectral (MS) Bundle (P+MS) Pansharpened (PMS)

1 band (Black and White)

4 bands (B, G, R, NIR)
50cm and 2m, separated

Pan: 50cm
1 band (Black and White)

Multispectral: 2m
4 bands (B, G, R, NIR)
50cm (colour merged)
  • Pansharpened  4 bands (B, G, R, NIR)
  • Pansharpened 3 bands
    • Natural colour (B, R, G)
    • False colour (G, R, NIR)

Spectral bands:

  • Pan: 470 - 830 nm
  • Blue: 430 - 550 nm
  • Green: 500 - 620 nm
  • Red: 590 - 710 nm
  • Near-infrared: 740 - 940 nm

Geometric Processing Geometric Processing


For Mono, Stereo, Tri-stereo and Persistent Surveillance acquisitions:

  • Processing level closest to the image acquired by the sensor: it restores perfect collection conditions. The sensor is placed in rectilinear geometry, the image is clear of any radiometric distortion.
  • Optimal for clients familiar with satellite imagery processing techniques wishing to apply their own production methods (orthorectification or 3D modeling for example). To this end, RPCs and the sensor model are provided to ensure you full autonomy and simplicity.


The image acquired in the plan of the sensor is projected on a cartographic or geographic terrestrial plan. The plan is defined with a constant altitude, which is the mean height value over the area of interest. Projected products inherit all radiometric and geometric corrections of the Primary level (external orientation). Associated geometric model is described in RPC file, directly ingestible into image processing and analysis software.

New geometric processing: Projected

Key Benefits:

  • Directly compatible within any GIS environment
  • This option allows for easier orthorectification by users who use their own reference layers (Ortho, GCPs and DEM…) thanks to geometric model described in RPC file embedded



For Monoscopic acquisitions:

  • Georeferenced image in Earth geometry, corrected from off-nadir acquisition and terrain effects.
  • Optimal for simple and direct use of the image, and for immediate ingestion into a Geographic Information System.
  • The standard 3D model used for ground corrections is the worldwide Elevation30 dataset (also known as Reference3D).
  • When different precisions are needed, we can also provide custom orthorectification, with a more precise 3D model or GCPs you provide or we acquire for the purpose. The Tailored Ortho Product can also be requested in case of creation of a mosaic of images acquired at different dates. Each Tailored Ortho Product is submitted to a feasibility study and specific delivery timeframes.

Radiometric Processing Radiometric Processing


  • Basic imagery corresponds to raw data without any radiometric processing.
  • Each pixel is given digital numbers (native pixel values) from the sensor acquisition (after equalization).


  • Perfect for expert users addicted to pure data and familiar with satellite imagery applications and image processing tools
  • Ideal to carry up calibration and own spectral analysis.


The image is radiometrically corrected from sensor calibration and systematic effects of the atmosphere (molecular or ‘Rayleigh’ diffusion). Cloud, cloud veil, haze, aerosol (pollution, sand wind) remain. Image values are provided in normalised reflectance values with a 1/10,000 ratio.


Key Benefits:

  • Corrects the bluish effects from atmosphere, so that colours are reliable and true
  • Ensures better stability of luminosity/contrast on screen
  • Prepares end users for seamless coverage (e.g. mosaicking)


This option replaces the OVR processing option. The Display products show optimized true colour rendering. These are enhanced images with adjusted luminosity and contrast and preserved colour balance.
They are generated on a new algorithm based on the Reflectance product. 
8 Bit pixel coding should be preferred.

Key Benefits:

  • Should be used when imagery needs to be immediately usable with optimised visual rendering.
  • Optimised for display on screens (8bit)

Delivery Delivery

Delivery time:

  • Standard: 24 hours
  • Rush: 12 hours

These delivery times apply during working days and working hours, for data stored at  one of our main direct receiving stations in Toulouse, France and Kiruna, Sweden.

Delivery medium:


Media selection Network for FTP delivery Free of charge
Physical medium ( DVD, Hard Diak Drive, USB Flash Drive)*
Streaming acces: please enquire







* Airbus will provide the most appropriate delivery media for the size of the image file

Format - Encoding - Projections Formats, encoding, projections

Pléiades products are delivered in DIMAP V2 format.

Imagery format

  • JPEG 2000, optimised compression (3.5 bits/pixel)perfect for fast download and easy data sharing,
  • JPEG 2000, regular compression (8 bits/pixel), recommended for user willing to do some high precision post processing,
  • GeoTIFF (uncompressed).

More about DIMAP V2 and JPEG 2000

Product encoding

  • 8 bits + optional dynamic range adjustment on/off or tailored to need
  • 12 bits for JPEG 2000 format, 16 bits for GeoTIFF format

Ortho projection

  • Geographic: WGS 84
  • Cartographic: UTM WGS 84
  • Other projections on request (all projection from the EPSG library are available).

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