Software Tools

Working with TerraSAR-X Data

A number of experienced software providers have designed software packages and tools suitable for working with TerraSAR-X data. A list of these software packages is provided below, more information can be found on their provider's website.

DIAPASON interferometric processing chain

  • Performs INSAR processing for change detection as well as for DEM generation
  • With DIAPASON version 4.3. TerraSAR-X high resolution SpotLight and StripMap mode performances can be explored

Company: Altamira


  • Software for geospatial analysis and photogrammetry
  • Automatic measurement and storage of properties such as scale, elevation, latitude and longitude in a series of images in order to expedite geospatial production, image analysis, and map creation
  • Data can be used to perform before-and-after site comparisons, coordinate operational missions, assess navigation safety and monitor changes over time
  • Powerful functionality for triangulation, DEM extraction, orthorectification and feature collection

Company: BAE Systems


  • Specialised software package for processing and analysing of SAR/InSAR data
  • Covers the whole processing chain of SAR data starting from the generation of SAR products based on intensity and coherence, over the processing of Interferometric SAR and Differential Interferometric SAR for the generation of DEM’s, Coherence and Land Displacement Maps to the processing and classification of Polarimetric and Polarimetric Interferometric SAR data
  • Fully supports TerraSAR-X data formats & products: SSC, MGD, GEC and EEC products for High-resolution SpotLight, SpotLight, StripMap and ScanSAR acquisition modes
  • Runs on PCs and is interfaced to ENVI® environment (version 4.1 onwards)

Company: EXELSIS

eCognition Developer

  • Completely integrated environment designed for image analysis specialists to develop, test and package new image analysis applications
  • Can be used as a standalone tool or in combination with the eCognition® Server to provide a processing environment for the batch execution of image analysis using a high-performance grid computing environment
  • Solutions created in eCognition Developer can also be packaged within eCognition Architect, a simple end user tool enabling users to calibrate and run image analysis applications

Company: Definiens

GAMMA Processing Software

  • Supports the entire processing chain from SAR raw data to higher level products e.g. interferograms, DEMs, surface displacement maps
  • Processing of data from spaceborne and airborne SAR and fully supports the data formats provided by the operators
  • Main processing sequences are complemented by parameter estimation and quality control programs, including display programs and utilities based on open source technology
  • Based on TerraSAR-X SSC data TerraSAR-X interferometry as well as offset tracking techniques are supported
  • The Interferometric Point Target Analysis package supports persistent scatterer interferometry.

Company: GAMMA Remote Sensing AG

IMAGINE Radar Mapping Suite

  • Extensive set of radar mapping tools including advanced interferometric SAR processing techniques
  • Software modules support transformation of source data into orthos, terrain, features, maps, 3D data, land cover data and processing models
  • Fully integrated into ERDAS IMAGINE , supports TerraSAR-X data formats & products: SSC, MGD, GEC and EEC products for High-resolution SpotLight, SpotLight, StripMap and ScanSAR acquisition modes
  • Developed in co-operation between ERDAS and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and GEOSYSTEMS GmbH

Company:Erdas – an Intergraph brand

Remote sensing Software package Graz (RSG), Image Processing and Classification Toolkit (IMPACT)

  • RSG is designed for a wide range of geometric and radiometric processing options of remote sensing data, acquired from airborne as well as space-borne sensors
  • RSG comprises the geometric aspects of optical line scanners, SAR systems, perspective images and rational polynomial modelling
  • The IMPACT toolkit is designed for higher level image analyses capabilities
  • IMPACT covers a broad variety of image processing tools such as object based classification, image segmentation, change detection, visualisation and analysis tools
  • These software packages show a highly modular design facilitating the implementation of customised end-to-end processing chains at considerably reduced development effort

Company: Institute of Digital Image Processing / Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (JR-DIB)


  • Stand-alone software tool that automatically generates coherent change detection (CCD) imagery and amplitude change detection imagery (ACD)
  • Supported TerraSAR-X modes: High-Resolution Spotlight, Spotlight, StripMap in the following product formats: COSAR, GeoTIFF, SSC, MGD
  • Output products either GeoTIFF format or Flat Binary format
  • Runs on a wide range of computer configurations including LINUX, Windows as well as Macintosh OSX, 64-bit operating systems are not required, but are highly recommended; Perl and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5+ must be installed

Company:Neva Ridge Technologies


  • Fully supports TerraSAR-X image products
  • Specifically, the OrthoEngine TerraSAR-X Add-On module supports TerraSAR-X data for orthorectification and mosaicking
  • Supported image formats include MGD data, GDB support for TerraSAR-X

Company: PCI Geomatica


  • Generates digital elevation models, deformation maps and similar output
  • Fully supports TerraSAR-X and data acquired by other SAR spaceborne sensors

Company: Racurs Co.

RAT (Radar Tools)

  • Open-source software tool for advanced processing of SAR remote sensing data
  • Originally started as a student’s project and currently under further development at the Department of Computer Vision and Remote Sensing of the Technical University of Berlin
  • Programmed in IDL (Interactive Data Language) and uses IDL widgets as graphical user interface
  • Current features include speckle filters, polarimetric basis transforms and decompositions, as well as an interferometric processing chain

Company: Technical University Berlin


  • Polarimetric SAR data processing and educational tool
  • Aims to facilitate the accessibility and exploitation of multi-polarised SAR datasets
  • Extensive collection of well-established algorithms and tools designed to handle and convert polarimetric data from a range of polarimetric airborne Sensors and spaceborne Sensors
  • Developed under contract to the European Space Agency by a consortium comprising IETR at the University of Rennes 1, The Microwaves and Radar Institute (HR) of DLR and AEL Consultants, together with Dr Mark L. Williams
  • All elements (incl. source code) of the PolSARpro project are distributed by ESA free of charge

Company: ESA

Free Viewer

ERDAS ViewFinder

  • A free viewer for quickly displaying a variety of geographic imagery (including 16-bit data), rapidly reprojecting different data types into the same projection system, displaying multiple images in a single viewer, and working in multiple open viewers, at the same time.

Company: ERDAS


Software Tools