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In a world facing demanding global challenges, with an ever growing number of trouble spots, increasingly complex crosslinks, even the smallest change can lead to immense consequences. Companies and authorities need access to ever more precise information, quickly, regularly and reliably.

Whether you work in the defence, oil exploration, construction, business intelligence or network operations sectors, Astrium has developed a service to provide surveillance information on any outdoor area of interest on a frequent, reliable and cost-effective basis.

Flexible & Reliable Satellite-Based Monitoring Worldwide

GO Monitor Change Report Example

Example of a GO MONITOR change report, available through an online subscription service

GO MONITOR is the most comprehensive commercial monitoring service available today.
More than 60 sites are monitored to meet customers’ operational requirements. GO Monitor boosts information delivery and makes it easy to acquire the right data at the right time.

How does it work?

Any GO MONITOR subscriber receives a report based on a satellite image of reference showing the changes that have happened between two dates and since the beginning of the monitoring timeframe. This service is based on the user’s needs as it can be completely tailored to match any kind of monitoring request.

Monitoring focus regarding type of changes, frequency, level of detail, number and size of sites can be adapted to answer to perfection any type of need.

GO Monitor - Huludoa Harbor Surveillance - 2011

Huludoa Harbor Surveillance - This harbour has been under surveillance since 2009. On July 4th 2011, a new probable submarine construction was observed.

Anywhere & up-to-date

No matter how remote or inaccessible a site might be, with even daily revisit options and independent of weather conditions, GO MONITOR can deliver the information you need.

Based on a unique constellation of versatile Earth observation satellites (optical & radar, high and very high resolution sensors), GO MONITOR guarantees a unique access to all selected sites and the related information can be delivered through a highly secure online environment (currently undergoing ISO 27:001 certification), ensuring a global 24/7 availability.

Easy and Flexible

Using GO MONITOR is as simple as receiving email news: in pre-defined intervals, subscribers are provided with reports and email alerts covering any relevant change in their specific area(s) of interest.
All reports are customer-tailored and generated individually. Intuitive and ready-to-use thanks to detailed annotations and descriptions, they are perfect even for non-experts.

GO Monitor - Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant

Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant: Surveillance of the level of activity through the presence of vehicles – truck detection and recognition

Fits any surveillance need on-demand

GO MONITOR is a key source of information for classical users of satellite-based monitoring such as defence intelligence organisations.

Yet today, with the combination of classical visual monitoring and new innovative processing approaches, commercial organisations can also now benefit from GO MONITOR.

By using sophisticated processing approaches new types of changes can be identified - e.g. the frequency and strength of using tracks/ gravel roads or quantitative information on surface movements.

GO MONITOR can supply even daily monitoring, applied today in the oil, gas, and mining sector. Satellite monitoring of onshore and offshore operations is often integrated directly into the companies own environment and thus ideally supports extensive monitoring operations in large organisations.
More about GO MONITOR for Oil & Gas

GO Monitor Service

3 subscriptions packages

Each customer's requirements are analysed individually in order to deliver the best possible monitoring results, typically through one of the defined subscription model:

  • Pre-selected is low cost and opens gate to change alerts for off-the-shelf sites monitored
  • Dedicated allows to pick any site on Earth, choose frequency of the reports and brings ownership of the information.
  • Enterprise is similar to the dedicated package but for larger needs (at least 5 sites).


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