Improved TerraSAR-X Online Archive

New features in the TerraSAR-X Online Archive simplify your search for archive imagery.

The easy-to-use TerraSAR-X Online Archive enables you to search for available TerraSAR-X data for any area of interest on the globe, optionally applying specific search criteria. You can search, select, review and request archive acquisitions in just a few clicks.

Now the archive has been enhanced with two helpful new features:


A preview image is now available for every archive scene and is automatically displayed as a layer over the map background when selecting a specific scene.
These quicklooks help you to assess the position, coverage and information content of the image prior to ordering.

AoI Definition

You can now also define your Area of Interest by uploading an ESRI shapefile or a KML/KMZ to the TerraSAR-X Online Archive. Your AoI is then displayed on the map to facilitate selection of relevant scenes covering the area. 

Improved TerraSAR-X Online Archive