TerraSAR-X Imagery Enhancement Services

TerraSAR-X Radar Mosaic - Lake Constance

In addition to TerraSAR-X basic imagery products, further refined products such as mosaics, image merges from ascending and descending orbits or orthorectified images, are available.
These products are mainly focused on a particular area of interest or are map products which represent a higher level of processing in terms of radiometric correction and orthorectification, mosaics, subsets and merges.

All TerraSAR-X refined products can be generated from future acquisitions, archive orders or the combination of both.
Based on TerraSAR-X acquisitions they provide the same high geometric and radiometric accuracy. All products are provided with concise metadata. Additional information layers accompany the products by default or can be ordered optionally.

TerraSAR-X Radar Mosaic - Tenerife

TerraSAR-X Radar Mosaic - Tenerife

Radar Mosaic

The Radar Mosaic MCSAR is based on TerraSAR-X scenes and provides a seamless coverage of a geographical area larger than a standard scene.

MCSAR is radiometrically balanced and the visibility of cutlines is reduced to the possible minimum. MCSAR is quickly interpretable and combinable with other sources of information and can be used for map sheet generation.

TerraSAR-X Ascending-Descending Merge - Chuquicamata Copper Mine, Chile

TerraSAR-X Ascending-Descending Merge - Chuquicamata Copper Mine, Chile

Ascending/Descending Merge

The TerraSAR-X Ascending/Descending Merge ADMSAR is an image merge consisting of orthorectified TerraSAR-X data acquired from both ascending and descending orbit directions.

The data are merged together into one image to achieve the optimum look direction for features on ground. ADMSAR is designed to overcome typical radar artefacts like shadow or layover, particularly useful in mountainous terrain.

TerraASR-X Satellite Image - Orthorectified Acquisition of Sion, Switzerland with a sigma correction applied

Orthorectified TerraSAR-X Acquisition of Sion, Switzerland with a sigma correction applied

Orthorectified Image - ORISAR

When ground location accuracy is of vital importance a TerraSAR-X Orthorectified Image ORISAR provides the solution.

ORISAR is a highly accurate orthorectified image based on the unique orbit accuracy of TerraSAR-X combined with a high resolution DEM that is either provided by the customer (e.g. an existing Lidar DEM), or produced from newly acquired TerraSAR-X data.
For further details on this second option please refer to our DEM offering.

TerraSAR-X Imagery Enhancement Services