PIXEL FACTORY™ new features

Revolutionizing geo-image processing

The new PIXEL FACTORY™ features a number of advances designed to enhance photogrammetry engineers/photogrammetrists’ experience, including improved quality and efficiency for even more robust and accurate geo-images.

Pixel Factory Processing


With its two latest editors, the new PIXEL FACTORY™ offers now abilities allowing:

  • Improved ergonomics
  • Better interaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced quality control
  • Higher automation degree


Pixel Factory Mosaic, France

PIXEL FACTORY™ Mosaic, France

New Mosaic editor

Makes mosaicking even easier

An intuitive interface for a seamless edition.
Fine tune your mosaic with:

  • Real time final mosaic visualisation during cutline edition
  • Integrated radiometric mask edition.

Elevation editor

Updates DSM in an efficient way

An interactive tool for local correction of DSM:

  • On the fly pre-visualisation of the corrected elevation and orthoimages
  • Integrated DSM to DTM feature
  • Basic elevation image edition tool: masking, interpolation, filtering
Aerial Imagery - Marseille, France

Aerial Imagery, Marseille, France

Second Generation Mosaic (SGM)… increases

Productivity with shorter production delay for ground ortho-images generation.
An efficient tool for the automatic Bundle Adjustment Quality Check, a deeper integration of the overall Quality Control process.

  • Reduce your production schedule in digital ortho-photos creation thanks to improved radiometric referencing.
  • Generate an updated reference by mosaicking

SGMV includes a workflow editor allowing you to customize data workflow.
This module allows you to extract automatically all necessary parameters from the reference database to automatically perform a bundle adjustment and adapt the radiometric and geometric properties in order to have a perfect fit between new and existing datatsets.
A cost effective way to replace or update existing digital ortho-images taking advantages of their radiometry and geometry.

Enhanced precision and resolution of your DSM

An intuitive interface for a seamless edition.

A new refined multi-ray point matching algorithm. Deep refactoring of the matching core algorithm has been performed for:

  • High accuracy DSM generation
  • Fine representation of every detail.

The power of an industrial solution in your own hands!
Unlimited size of project, unlimited size of final product.

Build your own customized solution for multi-projects:
Its modular structure allows its core software to be easily scalable to meet your future requirements. New features can be added as and when you need them.

Carry out rapid response production on site:
A Mobile Factory version is available presented in a pre-packaged rack, easy to ship for a portable, compact and fully integrated production environment. This turnkey product includes both hardware and software.

Industrialize and optimise your current environment and resources:
PIXEL FACTORY™ framework for integration with your own system, within your own production workflow. This also includes the software development toolkit.

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