Zagros fractured reservoir

Airbus Defence and Space has completed a fractured reservoir study of the Zagros Simply Folded Belt of Iran, which will provide petroleum exploration and production companies with a regional synthesis of the reservoir quality of fractured carbonates.

Geological mapping - Zagros

The study involved detailed mapping and analysis of the distribution, intensity, relative geometry, continuity, connectivity & structural setting of fractures and faults based on Landsat 7 ETM+ satellite imagery.


This report combines the Earth observation and geological interpretation skills of Airbus Defence and Space with the extensive experience of RDR Group in structural analysis at field and regional scales.

This detailed fractural reservoir study integrates the following components:

Fracture analysis

  • Cost-effective for rapid assessment of the redevelopment of old, fractured fields
  • Investigation of fracture continuity from Bangestan to Asmari reservoirs
  • Focussed on reservoir quality for exploration and production geologists

Basic facies analysis

  • Interpretation of facies variations from satellite imagery
  • Assess reservoir quality for exploration and production geologists
  • Review of intra-formational and superjacent potential seal units and their effects on reservoir quality
  • Lithological variations in Asmari and Bangestan reservoir units (massive versus multi-layer, carbonate to shale ratio)
  • The nature of interbedded siliciclastic units (Gurpi and Pabdeh Formations)

Subsurface structure

  • Validated cross-sections through key study areas
  • Geological features of the superjacent Gachsaran seal for each study sub-area
  • Structural models are proposed to aid prediction of the nature of fractured reservoirs in the sub surface This product consists of an illustrated report, structural maps and regional cross-sections, available in hard-copy and digitally in GIS format.

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