Geological interpretation in Iraq

Airbus Defence and Space can provide timely and cost-effective solutions for problems associated with the assessment and future planning of exploration blocks in areas of high security risk and political sensitivity.

This non-exclusivestructural interpretation study of Iraq, extends the company’s portfolio of geospatial solutions for oil & gas exploration.

Iraq geological interpretation

Study overview

A regional structural interpretation of Northern and Southern Iraq was carried out at scales ranging from 1:250 000 to 1:50 000 in areas of structural complexity.


  • Regional evaluation
  • Seismic planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Terrain analysis
  • Logistics planning


GIS database containing:

  • Orthorectified Landsat data (15m and 30m)
  • 90m SRTM DEM (raw & enhanced)
  • Surface structure
    - faults, classified into thrust, strike-slip, extension & unclassified major/minor
    - folds showing sense of vergence and direction of fold plunge
    - relative dip of bedding
    - indication of possible sub-surface structures
  • Major lithological/stratigraphic units
  • Three hardcopy 1:500 000 scale overview map sheets
  • Summary PowerPoint report

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Geological interpretation in Iraq