TerraSAR-X Radar Mosaics

TerraSAR-X Radar Mosaic - Turuépano National Park, Venezuela

In order to cover a geographical area larger than one scene, neighbouring geocoded or orthorectified images are combined into one image in a seamless way. Such a mosaic is quickly interpretable and combinable with other sources of information and can be used for map sheet generation.

TerraSAR-X Radar Mosaic - Tenerife

Radar mosaic of Tenerife Island, Spain,
composed of 46 TerraSAR-X SpotLight Scenes

A Radar Mosaic MCSAR is a seamless assembly of adjacent images into a single, harmonised dataset. The intersection lines are specifically selected in order to avoid the visibility of cutting edges. The radiometric adjustment of all scenes results in a homogeneous image mosaic.

The MCSAR product characteristics are:

  • Multilook detected geocoded / orthorectified product
  • WGS 84 with standard projections UTM or UPS
  • Source map depicting the relevant input image for each pixel

Subsets of mosaics can be represented as Oriented Image OISAR. These subsets are characterised by a map sheet index corresponding to relevant national mapping standards or customer-defined grid systems.

TerraSAR-X Radar Mosaic - Lake Constance

TerraSAR-X Radar Mosaic of Lake Constance, Germany, composed of three TerraSAR-X StripMap acquisitions.

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