Geological Studies

Geological mapping and interpretation

Our geologists offer a comprehensive range of onshore geological mapping services to the oil, gas and minerals industries, including structural and lithological interpretation and detailed fracture analysis utilising various sources of satellite imagery and digital elevation models.

Geological interpretation can be performed at a range of scales, from regional down to individual structure or prospect scale.

Structural interpretation and geological understanding of a region

A typical interpretation identifies:

  • orientation and dip of bedding surfaces
  • major and minor faults and their classification
  • fold axial traces and direction of fold plunge
  • stratigraphic boundaries (including identification of lithological type and the mapping of potential source and reservoir rocks)
  • structurally controlled drainage
  • geomorphological features
  • superficial deposits

Our studies are performed within a GIS to facilitate integration of ancillary exploration data such as potential field, seismic and well data supplied by the customer.

Airbus Defence and Space can also offer a field geological mapping service allowing interpretations to be verified and integrated with primary data.

Off-the-shelf geological interpretation studies

For regional evaluation and seismic planning, we offer non-exclusive studies that have been carried out at scales ranging from 1:50 000 to 1:250 000 and supplied in GIS format. We also provide follow up detailed studies over block specific areas.

  • East Africa Rift System
    Fully integrated geological study of the East Africa Rift System providing a consistent interpretation of the surface geology and the location of hydrocarbon seeps in the region
  • East Mediterranean 
  • Geological interpretation in Iraq
    Regional structural interpretation of northern and southern Iraq carried out at scales ranging from 1:100 000 to 1:150 000 in areas of structural complexity.
  • Zagros fractured reservoir in Iran
    Fractured reservoir study of the Zagros Simply Folded Belt of Iran, regional synthesis of the reservoir quality of fractured carbonates.

In the press

GEOConnexion - Michael Hall, Geological Mapping specialist at Airbus Defence and Space outlines the use of earth observation data for the geological interpretation study of the East African Rift System.