Risk Management & HSE

Support services for health, safety and environment (HSE) performance

Airbus Defence and Space provides a range of support services for Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) performance, including facilities and pollution monitoring and for corporate responsibility, industry insight and intelligence.

HSE Performance & Corporate Sustainability


GO Monitor can be used for:

  • Proactive sustainability management environmental impact assessment & monitoring
  • Site abandonment and natural habitat restoration
  • Monitoring vegetation change
  • Environmental and safety regulation compliance
  • Corporate social responsibility

The use of satellite data and analytics services thanks to the Go Monitor platform also allows us to routinely monitor sites for change detection and to assess the level of current activity on the ground or at sea

Cost effective use of remote sensing technology as an environmental tool to:

  • Determine the status of present land-use and Land use change
  • Vegetation patterns modification
  • Land cover classification
  • Identify the location and status of existing Exploration & Production facilities
  • Highlight recent and potential environmental impact sites
  • Identify surface pollution sites for ground-truthing
  • Provide quantitative statistics for features identified
  • Provide basis for environmental impact assessment
  • Provide Oil leakage detection & monitoring for early clean-up action

Industry insight & intelligence

Our GO Monitor surveillance service allows strategic insight from the oil site for:

Competition benchmarking:
Analyzing competitive activity: site selection, construction progress and asset movement.

M&A and due diligence

  • Strategic intelligence on M&A candidates
  • Plant/site valuation for investment opportunities
  • Actionable insights to formulate investment options

Industry trends outlook
Assessing global industry activity & economic trend thanks to worldwide strategic oil and gas storage sites monitoring such as oil pads, floating-top tanks storage volumes metrics.

Risk Management & HSE

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