SPOT Direct Reception Service

Direct access to the SPOT constellation

Obtain SPOT data with our SPOT Direct Reception Service and distribute products to your users and markets.
Get preferred, independent access to the SPOT 5, SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 satellites to cover your imagery needs and develop services and applications tailored to your territory.

You want to:

  • Be the first to access data on your territory
  • Monitor your areas of interest fully, independently and continuously
  • Respond rapidly to crisis situations
  • Develop national or regional mapping projects
  • Build up and maintain your own territorial archives
  • Deploy domain-specific, direct-reception applications
  • Reduce the cost of your geospatial data

You get:

  • Optimized management of capacity with a centralized tasking service
  • Real-time acquisitions within your receiving footprint (a radius of about 2,500 km)
  • Continuity of high-resolution, wide-swath products through 2024
  • Daily revisits anywhere inside your receiving footprint with SPOT 6 and SPOT 7
  • Quick reaction with six work plans per day, per satellite
  • Products generated immediately after download thanks to SPOT Terminal
ZDS Antenna

ZDS Antenna

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Your SPOT Direct Reception agreement comprises:

  • Tasking of satellites in your area of interest
  • Data reception via a SPOT Terminal
  • Production of images immediately after reception
  • User rights for SPOT products in your territory
  • Distribution rights to serve your users and markets
  • Installation of a receiving station supplied by Airbus Defence and Space
  • Training of your operational teams


Join Airbus Defence and Space’s Direct Receiving Station network and become a preferred partner to benefit from personalized support to help grow your business.

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SPOT Direct Reception Service

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