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Based on a unique access to leading-edge satellite imagery and expertise in image analysis, processing and interpretation, GO Monitor delivers reliable and timely surveillance products  with guaranteed revisit capacities. Automatic e-mail alerts are sent, informing of their availability, through 24/7 secure web access.

GO Monitor Level of Analysis

GO Monitor Level of Analysis
GO Monitor Vision GO Monitor Alert GO Monitor Insight
GO Monitor Vision is the only global service delivering satellite imagery with a guaranteed revisit frequency for any area of interest worldwide.
It is designed for organisations and agencies who have their own imagery analysts
GO Monitor Alert provides timely information on changes detected, and also features a revisit guarantee GO Monitor Insight provides dedicated information based on our expert’s in-depth analysis, again with a revisit guarantee.
These detailed reports are perfect even for non-experts


Key Benefits

By giving access to the widest optical and radar satellite constellation, and relying on an experienced team of application experts such as geologists, IMINT interpreters, or offshore specialists, Airbus Defence and Space guarantees:

  • A regular coverage of any area worldwide, with a revisit guarantee
  • A customer care team dedicated to each project
  • Pre-selected sites available off-the-shelf
  • Timely alerts for rapid action, saving time and money
  • Online registration, simple, fast and easy
  • Secure 24/7 online access (ISO : 27001 compliant platform)
  • Access to unique optical and radar satellite constellation

Reliable Monitoring Services Worldwide

GO Monitor is designed for professionals who need accurate and reliable terrain information. No matter how remote or inaccessible a site may be, with a daily revisit capacity and independent of weather conditions, GO Monitor delivers timely and regular imagery and change information, enabling users to monitor:

GO Monitor
  • Day-to-day business operations
  • Assets
  • Impact on the environment
  • Security, incidents and emergency situations
  • Strategic and tactical surveillance

A wide range of organisations can benefit from this type of service including:

  • Defence and Security
  • Oil, Gas and Mining
  • Civil Engineering
  • Insurance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Investment Management

On-Demand Monitoring

GO Monitor enables access to a wide range of pre-selected sites off-the-shelf, corresponding to main strategic hotspots around the globe that are monitored regularly.

GO Monitor | Pléiades Satellite Image - Arena Corinthians, Saõ Paulo, Brasil - 21/01/2014

GO Monitor | Pléiades Satellite Image
Arena Corinthians, Saõ Paulo, Brasil

Arena Corinthians Stadium – Brazil. Since April 2013 the  progress of the stadium construction is under surveillance through GO Monitor. On January 21st 2014 new roof constructions and changes related to access infrastructure site were observed.


Regular imagery only, guarantee of revisit, cost-saving, sites selected by Airbus Defence and Space

In case of specific needs, whatever they may be, clients define their parameters in a few clicks, and start their dedicated surveillance by simply selecting:

  • Area of interest
  • Timeline and frequency

All these parameters are analysed and tailored monitoring programmes are defined and implemented: Airbus Defence and Space’s experts set up a dedicated acquisition plan, selecting appropriate sensors, and a change detection survey.

A Resolution Adapted to Your Needs.

GO Monitor relies on a unique constellation of Earth observation satellites which combines very-high and high-resolution optical and radar sensors.

GO Monitor Resolutions


Guarantee of revisit

Airbus Defence and Space’s unique acquisition capacity enables you to get images at the frequency you require with our revisit guarantee.


March 2011 - GO Monitor follows the evolution of the Japanese earthquake disaster day by day.

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