SAFEcommand™ Response: ScResponse

Bi-directional Messaging, Navigation and Operational Information
vmds tablet

Deployed into operational vehicles on a ruggedized tablet, SAFEcommand Response (ScResponse) brings together operational information retrieval, mapping, data communications, status updates and automatic vehicle locations.

It is essential that our crews have immediate access to the information they need during an emergency. With ScResponse we can take advantage of all the key data, from route planning and hydrant locations right through to specialist information such as chemical data, access points, pipelines and vehicle specifications – all direct from our in-cab terminal. Having already used the Hydra hydrant location solution, I can confirm that ScResponse is another strong offering from Airbus Defence and Space. The company’s Emergency Services solutions work well together and, in combination, provide Hertfordshire FRS with a fully integrated Risk Information Solution.

Steve Holton Group Commander, Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

Effective Operational Support and Data Communications in the Mobile Environment

  • Full range of datasets supporting key operational information requirements
  • Accuracy of information is ensured by an automatic, controlled and regular distribution of data
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use, touch screen interface and GIS-based system
  • Simple and reliable data communications tool to ensure efficient use of communications bearers and help to reserve voice for when it is most necessary
  • Priority message facilities provided for emergency situations
  • Guided message workflows for consistent and standardised communication
  • Real-time automatic resources location to in-vehicle officers and the Control room
  • GIS neutral mapping facility with length and area measurement
  • Holistic search capabilities
  • International mapping and language support

ScResponse successfully combines different datasets to provide a picture of the ‘real world’ to front line personnel including all known risks and associated data. With ScResponse, front line teams can prepare in advance, communicate faster and execute operations safely. Its modular architecture allows you to only implement the functional modules that you require, and it’s highly configurable design means that you can customise the application to your needs.

Combined with ScGateway and ScCourier, it seamlessly links both Command & Control (C&C) and the data gathered within the back office ScCapture system, to be automatically deployed to ScResponse users in the field.

To ensure that ScResponse delivers the features and functionality required by our customers, Airbus Defence and Space created a Working Group of existing customers to actively participate in the user interface design, terminology used and prioritisation of features included within the development.  As the product was developed regular feedback was gathered through product demonstrations to the Working Group and over time to all customers, which will continue as the product evolves ensuring that the product meets your needs.