The SPOT Satellites

The SPOT satellites constellation offers unsurpassed acquisition and revisit capacity to bring you the imagery from anywhere in the world, every day.

SPOT satellite technical data

Presentation of general features and instruments
pdf Download SPOT satellite technical data (pdf file - 1.38 Mo)

SPOT on its orbit

Each SPOT satellite orbit is polar, circular, sun-synchronous and phased.
pdf Download SPOT orbit technical sheet (pdf file - 0.16 Mo)

The payload

Each SPOT payload comprises optical imaging instruments, recorders for image data, and a payload telemetry package for image transmission to ground receiving stations.
pdf Download the technical sheet about SPOT payload (pdf file - 0.2 Mo)

Image acquisition

The instruments’ oblique-viewing capability offers frequent observations and stereoscopic imaging.
Data can be transmitted directly down to a receiving station when within range or stored on board and transmitted to the ground segment later.
pdf Download the technical sheet about SPOT images acquisition (pdf file - 0.11 Mo)

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