Modernisation of Land Administration System

Mauritius: new land administration system for improved urban planning, infrastructure development, environmental management & production of national statistical

The Land Administration, Valuation and Information Management System (LAVIMS) project was an initiative by the Government of Mauritius designed to modernise land administration by greatly improving access to information between different departments and creating a complete and up-to-date national valuation roll.

LAVIMS is really four sub-projects in one including: development of the Cadastre; implementation of a digital Deeds Management System; Valuation of properties; and Information Management.

At the highest and strategic level, it is the objective of the authorities to establish a beneficial LAVIMS that will lead to, amongst other things:

Improved urban planning and infrastructure development. Enhanced environmental management improved production of national statistical data.

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The Valuation Department and the valuation profession in Mauritius will benefit greatly from LAVIMS. The mapping base with all properties located, except agricultural, will provide a significant statement of the property portfolio of Mauritius. By the addition of agricultural lands the picture will indeed be as complete as the Director of the VD could wish.

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Airbus Defence and Space solution

As the prime contractor, Airbus Defence and Space has been responsible for the management and coordination of the entire project as well as acquiring 15cm aerial imagery of the whole island, with associated ground control, and provision and serving of ortho-photography.

In addition, Airbus Defence and Space consultants have led each of the four project components:


Land admin

All land transactions TV deeds include a good location map and LS plan

The Cadastre is a digital map detailing parcels of land in Mauritius, with each parcel identified by a Parcel Identification Number (PIN). In LAVIMS, all important information on a parcel is held digitally, including the transcription of the relevant Deed and the Land Survey Plan. Part of the LAVIMS data delivery is a detailed and accurate mosaic of new aerial imagery for the whole island, against which the land parcels can be located.

Development of the cadastre and data management software, with its search capability, will facilitate land transactions, by making the work of the notaries, the Registrar General and the Survey Department easier, quicker and more certain.


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Active sales in a development

The Deeds component has converted millions of paper records in the Registrar General's Department to digital format.
This makes it easier to search for, and recover, information, and document safety and security is greatly improved in a digital repository
LAVIMS continues the reform of deeds management, already started by the Registrar General, producing a system that can be searched by the name of the land owner, by the PIN and other parameters concerning the deed and its contents. These changes will also significantly speed-up the work of the notaries and the Registrar General's Department.


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Each property has a unique PIN

 A fair land administration system requires that all properties should be surveyed and inventoried frequently enough to take account of changes in property markets.
The LAVIMS Real Property Inventory has surveyed over 450,000 properties, including all residential and commercial properties on the island.
This inventory began in March 2009 and finished in early 2011. Property changes are maintained in LAVIMS through the ongoing sales valuation functions.

Information management


History maintained on cadastral parcel changes

LAVIMS has created and collated vast amounts of information and uses a dedicated Information Management System (IMS) to store and provide access to these data. Central to the IMS is the cadastre, which identifies every land parcel in Mauritius. Improved access to information will enable searches that now take days to be completed in a matter of minutes.

These improvements to information management will enable Mauritius to be one of the most efficient countries in the region with respect to land transactions.

Modernisation of Land Administration System

Did you know?

The responsibility for LAVIMS is shared between the Ministry for Housing and Lands (MHL) and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MOFED) and the implementation was undertaken by a consortium of international and local companies and consultants led by Airbus Defence and Space.

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