Reliable base mapping for natural resource exploration is vital in remote regions. Geo-information, derived from high-resolution satellite imagery, along with other data (land cover, drainage, rainfall statistics and geology), allow the hydrogeology of a region to be mapped and understood, helping to locate new water resources and manage existing resources.

Integrated satellite image analysis package to locate new water resources and manage existing resources

 Our geoscientist are able to offer an integrated satellite image analysis package, the results of which can be used to target localized field geophysics so that ground water drill target locations derived from the satellite interpretation can be confirmed prior to drilling.

Our interpretation of the imagery is rigorous and relies on the derivation of a suite of thematic maps, which are then combined in a GIS modelling package so that potential zones of ground water discharge can be identified.

Projects to date have shown a high correlation between targets identified purely by the image interpretation/GIS modelling and the field geophysics, and with final drilled holes hitting water resources.

Land Cover analysis

Land Cover Analysis