SPOT Scene

The standard product

SPOT Scenes are standard products which undergo basic preprocessing.

Toulouse, France - SPOT 5 satellite image 2.5m colour

Toulouse, France - SPOT 5 satellite image
© CNES 2002


SPOT Scenes are intended for:

  • geometric image processing,
  • photo-interpreting,
  • thematic studies.

SPOT Scenes options

Resolution and spectral mode
Depending on the level and detail required for specific applications:

Black & White Colour
2.5m 2.5m*
5m 5m*
10m 10m

*except level 1B

Depending on the surface of the area to be studied:

  • full scenes: 60 km long x 60 to 80 km wide, according to the viewing angle.
  • extracts of scenes
  • (for 2.5 m and 5 m in black & white and in colour and for 10 m in colour):
    1/2 scene : ~ 42 km x 42 km
    1/4 scene : ~ 30 km x 30 km
    1/8 scene : ~ 21 km x 21 km

Scene extracts can be positioned freely within a scene.

Preprocessing level
Depending on the geometric corrections required:

  • level 1A
  • level 1B
  • level 2A

Location accuracy
Depending on the expected geometric accuracy:

  • over flat ground it is greater than 350 m (1 sigma) for the SPOT 1 to 4 satellites (10 m for black and white and 20 m for colour),
  • and drops to only 30 m (1 sigma) for SPOT 5 (2.5 m and 5 m in black and white and colour and 10 m in colour).

The SPOT Scenes are supplied in the Dimap format.
The SPOT Scenes from SPOT 1 to 4 may come on request in the CAP format (CEOS standard).