SPOTMaps is a resounding success

  • In the past 3 years, Spot Image, part of the GEO-Information division of Astrium Services, has produced more than 66 million km² of seamless, natural colour, orthorectified 2.5 m mosaics.
  • Off-the-shelf SPOTMaps covering more than 100 countries can be purchased by the square kilometre. Updates and fresh data are made available regularly.
  • These base maps of high location accuracy offering national and regional coverage are ideal for applications such as mapping, land management and security.

SPOTMaps Coverage - May 2017

SPOTMaps coverage map

Toulouse, October 25, 2010
SPOTMaps are mosaics made from SPOT 5 satellite images where features as small as 2.5 metres can be resolved, equivalent to a mapscale of 1:10 000.

Coverages are seamless and uniform over the territory of a country or even several countries.
SPOTMaps are used as georeferenced basemaps to view an entire territory, simulate new infrastructure planning, perform impact studies, produce or update zoning plans and map or even share information with your partners.

New mosaics are available regularly. The most recent updates include Algeria, North Nigeria, Japan and
Poland. New versions of SPOTMaps with fresh data will soon be available over countries such as
Afghanistan, Australia and Iran. Saudi Arabia will be covered by end of this year with 100% SPOT images
acquired in 2010.

“SPOTMaps has clearly met its public. Second generation fresh data will be also streamed to customers,
directly into their GIS” explained Astrium Services’ Rob Postma. “Our Australian and New Zealander clients
are particularly impressed with the location accuracy of our data: less than 5 metres, and often closer to 3!”

As a leading playing in the commercial imagery arena for more than 25 years, Spot Image takes the best care
of our worldwide customers. Recent innovations to improve customer service include SPOTMaps Store, the
new service to view, order, and receive SPOTMaps data online.

Taking full advantage of the fully-integrated combined resources and skills of its Spot Image and Infoterra
subsidiaries, the GEO-Information division of Astrium Services has become a recognized world leader in the
geo-information market by offering decision-makers sustainable one-stop-shop solutions to increase security,
protect the environment, and better manage natural resources. It has exclusive access to SPOT and
TerraSAR-X satellite data, while also calling on a full gamut of space data sources and airborne acquisition
capabilities, enabling it to offer an unrivalled combination of Earth observation products and services. Its
portfolio spans the entire geo-information value chain.

By building on the synergy of Astrium Services extended skills and know-how, the GEO-Information division
can also develop innovative solutions combining Earth observation, navigation and communication
applications at competitive prices.

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SPOTMaps is a resounding success

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