Airbus and U.S. Air Force Commemorate 25 years of the Eagle Vision Program
Published 06/12/2018

Airbus Defence and Space celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of Eagle Vision, its lightweight deployable imagery downlink ground station, designed to process and distribute commercial satelli...

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Airbus further strengthens its Earth observation imagery portfolio with the addition of TripleSat satellite data
Published 04/11/2018

Airbus has entered into an agreement with Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd (21AT), the Chinese commercial satellite operator, for the distribution of the images acquired by their...

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Airbus to provide near real-time access to its satellite data
Published 01/30/2018

Offers ultra-fast delivery of worldwide images with KSAT ground station

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The PAZ satellite heads towards its launch base
Published 11/29/2017

Spain’s first radar satellite will be shipped next month to Vandenberg/USA ready for launch on 30 January 2018

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Other news

Oroville Lake Water Elevation seen from Space

Published 02/17/2017

Wildfires in Argentine Consume the Rural Landscape

Published 01/23/2017

“Farmstar” Enriches its Offer With New Recommendations

Published 12/05/2016

Airbus Defence and Space Launches "Stack Insight"

Published 11/18/2016

Airbus Defence and Space Selects Google Cloud Platform as Preferred Partner

Published 10/18/2016

Airbus Defence and Space, TFT and SarVision to Provide Unprecedented Accuracy for Verification of Zero Deforestation Commitments

Published 10/13/2016

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