Near Real Time Slick Mapping

Global Seeps is a non-exclusive database of offshore oil slicks, constructed by systematically screening the world’s offshore basins, using a wide range of archive and newly programmed satellite data.

Geochemical sampling of seepage slicks

Geochemical sampling of seepage slicks can add another level of information to Global Seeps data, helping to add confidence & allowing a greater understanding of the nature of the seep.

Faster data processing and delivery of data & slick interpretation, allows information fed directly to survey teams to guide them to current slick locations, increasing the chances of a successful slick survey whilst decreasing the high cost of keeping vessels at sea.

This technique is of particular benefit in frontier exploration areas where the presence of a mature oil source rock is a risk. Airbus Defence and Space have been able to provide repeat observations of target areas for a number of such surveys, supplying updates of seepage slick locations within 24 hours of image acquisition.

Project in Gambia with GORE

Near Real Time

Using sampling equipment to validate the slick

One recent project in Gambia was completed on behalf of an existing Global Seeps client in 2010, with sampling work undertaken by GORE.

  • Tasked imagery collected over the area of interest with slick location results fed directly to the survey vessel.
  • Detailed mapsheets, vectors & imagery in a GIS environment were available to the onshore team between 12 & 36 hours of image acquisition
  • Combined with historical archive dataset of likely seepage locations and feeds of weather information, the chances of successful slick sampling were maximised and decisions regarding the survey vessels locations & movements could be made with up-to-date information

Data Specification

Global Seeps data comprises a series of deliverables in GIS digital format for every study area.

  • Scene interpretation results: scene outlines, metocean interpretation details, ship traffic and rig/platform information
  • Slick interpretation results: slick source points, slick vectors, probable slick type and confidence levels
  • Digital geo-coded calibrated data for the full scene at 100m resolution
  • Slick subset images at 25m resolution

Near Real Time Slick Mapping

Did you Know?

Global Seeps contains over 14,000 potential seepage slicks identified, including slick source points, slick vectors, probable slick type and confidence levels.


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