When Precise isn’t Exact Precise

Based on TerraSAR-X high-resolution stereo imagery, GEO GCPs provide highly precise 3D ground information with an outstanding quality. Fully independent of weather conditions and daylight, GEO GCPs can be extracted anywhere on Earth at any time. From Space down to Earth!

TerraSAR-X based Surface Movement Monitoring South Korea

GEO GCPs are essential for accurate orthorectification of images and object localisation. They support versatile monitoring and planning purposes by improving the accuracy of your geo-datasets, e.g. topographic mapping, Digital Elevation Models. 

What You Get

TerraSAR-X Sample Data Monitoring Beijing, China

Of course, we deliver the coordinates, but additionally, the product includes a comprehensive package with useful additional information to further support your applications

The customised report helps to clearly identify each Ground Control Point and provides surrounding information to each point location. GEO files (Shape file, .kmz files) offer the possibility to illustrate the GCPs in a geographic information system or directly in Google Earth.  

Key Benefits


  • High Precision: horizontal accuracy: <1m; vertical accuracy: <0.5m
  • Availability: anytime, anywhere on Earth, fresh and fast data acquisition
  • Cost Saving and Risk Reduction: Risk-free data collection, no ground truthing required

What Comes Next?

We are awaiting new results with the exceptional Staring SpotLight mode for even more accuracy!

Whenever high quality and detailed ground information is needed - GEO GCPs are the answer!