First SPOT 6 Equipment Arrives in the Cleanroom

November 2010
SPOT 6 Propulsion Module

The arrival of the SPOT 6 mechanical structure at Astrium Toulouse in November 2010 marks the start of the satellite integration phase. In a year, it will be fully assembled and ready for thermal, electromagnetic and stress tests as well as tests in the conditions of space.

SPOT 6 Telescope

SPOT6 telescope

First telescope complete

Integration and adjustment of the first of the two SPOT 6 telescopes is already complete.
It is now at the test phase, where its optical and electronic performance is measured. The optical assembly is based on a Korsch telescope with an aperture diameter of 200 mm.

Batteries and propulsion module

Other equipment is already available for integration with SPOT 6, such as the batteries and the mono-propellant propulsion module, which will allow the satellite to maintain its orbit.

The rest of the equipment will be progressively delivered through to autumn 2011. Each piece will be assembled on the SPOT 6 mechanical structure, as it arrives.

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