Pléiades-1 delivered, Pléiades-2 integration gets underway

November 2009
Four satellites for Earth - Pléiades

Construction of Pléiades-1 by EADS Astrium Satellites has now been completed and the satellite will be delivered to CNES, the French space agency and Pléiades system prime contractor, on 12 November.

To mark this event, we have put together a photo gallery of the key milestones in the satellite’s construction and technical qualification, charting the same one-year process that Pléiades-2 begins this month.

Pléiades 1 - Mass properties testing

Mass properties testing

Pléiades 1 - Radiometric testing

Radiometric testing

Pléiades 1 - Mechanical testing

Mechanical testing

Pléiades 1 - EMC testing

EMC testing

Pléiades 1 - Launcher interface verification

Launcher interface verification

Pléiades 1 - Mechanical shock and acoustic testing

Mechanical shock and acoustic testing

Pléiades 1 - Thermal vacuum testing

Thermal vacuum testing

Pléiades 1 - Telescope integration

Telescope integration

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