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Whether planning an infrastructure network, conducting a military intervention mission in unknown terrains, or analysing terrain features for oil and gas exploration: accurate terrain height information is critical. Our Elevation product suite offers the most comprehensive elevation data range, providing highly accurate information anywhere in the world, independent of relief and weather conditions.

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WorldDEM™ - The New Standard of Global Elevation Models

Complete pole-to-pole coverage coupled with an unrivalled accuracy and quality are the defining characteristics of WorldDEM™.

The accuracy surpasses that of any global satellite-based elevation model available today and provides a reliable and precise reference layer to enhance a wide range of applications.

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WorldDEM™ key features:

  • Pole-to-pole: Global homogeneity
  • Highly consistent dataset: Data collected within 3 years only
  • Accurate: 2m (relative) / 4m (absolute) vertical accuracy in a 12m x 12m raster
  • Two Models: Digital Surface Models (DSM) including the "first surface" elevations & Digital Terrain Models (DTM) representing the bare Earth elevation available

Your advantages with WorldDEM™:

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

Standardised DEM for any spot on Earth at the same quality

Available Globally - Icon

Allows closing gaps with high accuracy in areas where no adequate DEM exists to-date (cf. SRTM)

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Improve the performance of globally operating navigation systems and applications

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3D Textured Model - Visualise the World in 3D

3D Textured Model, the latest release in the Airbus 3D and Elevation product portfolio derived from very high-resolution optical imagery, opens up new possibilities for rapid, highly detailed 3D reconstruction and visualisation of large areas.

It is ideal for visualising, simulating and modelling to support the planning and decision-making process across many markets such as mapping, defence, safety & security, civil engineering, construction, insurance, risk management, aviation and tourism. Being a satellite-based product, it is ideal for use in areas that are remote or difficult to access (i.e. hot spots), where flying and mobile scanning/mapping may be restricted.

3D Textured Model Key Features:

  • Accurate: Up to 1.5m vertical accuracy at 0.5m grid spacing
  • Source: Derived from optical spaceborne technology
  • Tailored: Production on-demand for your Area of Interest

Your Advantages with the 3D Textured Model:

Available Globally - Icon

Visualise your Area of Interest even in remote and hot spot areas using fresh and relevant data.

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon
Simulate your tactical mission, network utilisation or natural event with consistency and homogeneity around the globe.
Mapping applications - Icon
Model your construction project, geological point of interest or city map.
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Elevation1 & 4 - Highly Precise Altrimetric Information

Elevation1 & 4 key features:

  • Accurate: Based on matching of very high resolution optical stereo imagery
  • Two Models: Digital Surface Models (DSM) including the "first surface" elevations & Digital Terrain Models (DTM) representing the bare Earth elevation available
  • Compliant: Suitable to HRE40 (E4) / HRE10 (E1) standards (military standards (NGA))
  • Tailored: Production on demand for your Area of Interest

Your advantages with Elevation1 & 4:

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Elevation4 ideally suited for any kind of relief (urban or environmental)

Environmental applications - Icon

Elevation1 ideally suited for any areas with little vegetation and / or no buildings

Scalable to user need - Icon

Production on demand for your Area of Interest


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Elevation8 - Large-Area DEMs at a High Accuracy

Elevation8 is derived from SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 stereo and tri-stereo optical satellite data and provides an optimised fit for the needs of mapping or oil & gas applications, particularly when large-area coverage is required.

The satellite’s optimised combination of wide-area coverage and high-resolution image acquisition, supports the rapid collection of imagery and delivery of products. The models are available tailored exactly to your Area of Interest starting at a minimum of just 1,000km². 

Elevation8 key features:

  • Accurate: Based on matching of high resolution optical stereo or tri stereo imagery, up to 3m vertical accuracy at 8m posting
  • Two Models: Digital Surface Models (DSM) including the "first surface" elevations & Digital Terrain Models (DTM) representing the bare Earth elevation available
  • Tailored: Production on-demand for your Area of Interest
  • Compliant: Suitable to HRE80 (military standard (NGA)) specifications

Your advantages with Elevation8:

Available Globally - Icon

Available anywhere in the world and suitable for large areas

Mapping applications - Icon
Ideally suited for mapping, hydrology and exploration
of natural resources
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Elevation30 - Worldwide 3D Geographic Reference Database

Elevation30 is a unique worldwide 3D geographic reference database specifically designed for large area coverage, addressing mapping, GIS and military needs.

Derived from optical satellite data, merged with radar data especially over cloudy areas, Elevation30 features greater coverage independent of terrain characteristics and weather conditions.

Elevation30 key features:

  • Available: Available for more than 80 Million km² worldwide off-the-shelf
  • Accurate: Up to 6m horizontal and 6m vertical accuracy at 30m grid spacing
  • Standardised: Based on DTED2 standards (military standard) with competitive pricing
  • Reliable: Quality masks + specified to military standards

Your advantages with Elevation30:

Effective & Fast - Icon

Immediate availability with rapid delivery

Scalable to user need - Icon

Tailor-cut product and priced per km

Defence applications - Icon

Ideal for defence, mapping and terrain modelling applications

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