Real-Time GIS

Central access to digital seamless mapping for your entire operational area

Seeing the location of calls, incident and mobile resources within the context of mapping of the service’s operational area can be a significant enhancement of your Command & Control system. It may also be very useful in providing support to the mobile resource and be of value to all other parts of the organisation.

Real-Time GIS provides a central access to digital seamless mapping for your entire operational area, displaying the location of risk premises on top of the map-base and associating relevant documentation to such premises. It also provides general address information for location of premises and storage of hazard information.

The system's users within the appliances or the offices are provided with accurate incident locations with only a simple map interpretation and so your response times can be dramatically improved.

Real-time information constitutes data fed from a Command and Control System on a minute by minute or second by second basis. The information is overlaid on the map-base and displayed in a similar manner to hazard premises.

It will display the Command and Control critical locations (such as stations), mobile objects (such as appliances or Officers), and temporarily important locations (such as incidents).

Real-Time GIS

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