Mobile Data Communications Gateway

Real-Time, Secure Data Communications and Automatic Vehicle Location

Allowing the dynamic capture of resource location messages and data, the Mobile Data Communications Gateway (MDCG) provides support for real-time data communications, and automatic vehicle location.

It is conceived as a mechanism for bi-directional data communications with mobile resources and between mobile resources when they are associated with the same incident.

The MDCG an ‘intelligent’ gateway

The MDCG was specifically conceived as a mechanism for routing messages between a Command and Control system and mobile resource, such as fire appliances.

It is designed to act as an ‘intelligent gateway’: the MDCG maintains its own data set and is capable of acting upon the content of messages, rather than simply acting as a basic routing mechanism. 

The MDCG provides emergency services with the following:

  • Routing of messages between the Command and Control Centre to Mobile Resources
  • Routing of messages between Mobile Resources, when they are associated with the same incident
  • Maintains the relationships between Bearer Communications Identities/Call-signs (including provision for "guest" Mobile Resources) and related protocols
  • Provides message logging
  • Provides Mobile Resource status and location logging
  • Provides message monitoring, auto-retry and exception handling (for example, negative acknowledgement)
  • Provides message queue management - including prioritisation
  • Performs sub-division and re-assembly of messages (when required) and protocol conversion
  • Performs message compression (when required)
  • Provides a user interface for Gateway administrators
  • Provides facilities for extraction/storage of message logs into a relational database

The MDCG is linked to VMDS (Vehicle-Mounted Data System) via the Mobile Data Communications Interface that is deployed on the Mobile Data Terminal.

Mobile Data Communications Gateway