Surface Geology for Mineral Exploration

ESA Geology Project - Integrated EO-based surface geology for mineral exploration

Working in conjunction with IMC, Airbus Defence and Space carried out a GIS based geological and mineralogical interpretation study based on the analysis of EO data for the IMC Group.

This project successfully demonstrated the benefits of EO data to aid mineral exploration and mining, in particular in remote regions of the world. This product aims to compliment existing field techniques to provide a more cost-efficient service.

The study uses a combination of SAR and optical satellite imagery to provide a detailed interpretation of the geology structure, lithology and mineralogy of an area of interest at a number of different scales ranging from 1:2,500 to 1:250,000.
The mapsheets below are examples of the type of result that can be expected using ASTER data. The top mapsheet shows an enhanced ASTER image (bands 631 in rgb). The lower image shows a mineralogical interpretation derived from the ASTER data indicating regions of silica, iron, carbonates and different types of clay.


Digital (CD-ROM)

  • Vectors (DXF, ArcView)
  • Imagery (GeoTIFF)

Mapsheets-ERS SAR Image

  • ASTER bands 631(rgb)
  • ASTER band 2 with structural interpretation overlay
  • ASTER bands 631(rgb) / ERS SAR merge
  • ERS SAR Image with structural interpretation overlay
  • ERS SAR Image with mineral overlay
Surface Geology for Mineral Exploration - IMC

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Surface Geology for Mineral Exploration