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A trusted solution for over 20 years, DataDoors offers secure, single-point access to your imagery and related geospatial data including documents and media. Turn your data into accessible information that leads to effective insights and action.

DataDoors - Take Control of Your Imagery and Related Geospatial Data

Reduce data management costs while increasing value, access and efficiencies. Eliminate duplication of data purchases. Maximize the value of imagery and geospatial data within your organization.

DataDoors is a software solution that enables you to manage vast archives of imagery, terrain, and map data from multiple vendors as well as your own private collections in one centralized catalog. DataDoors can be utilized in the cloud for anytime, anywhere access or installed on-site behind your organization’s firewalls.

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DataDoors key features:

  • Secure, single-point access to all your geospatial data, regardless of source, including satellite imagery, aerial imagery, UAV data, terrain, and unstructured data (photos, videos, audio, documents)
  • Intuitive, map-centric interface to discover and disseminate your geospatial assets from the cloud or your data center
  • Automated geoprocessing with data delivery in multiple formats and additional custom services including human-in-the-loop advanced processing
  • Add-on services to create custom value-added products to help you accomplish your mission
  • Easy integration with existing workflows for process improvements
  • Stream data publicly or privately via OGC, Esri, and Google protocols
  • Auto-ingest of your existing data and auto-monitor storage locations for incoming new data

Your advantages with DataDoors

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Provider agnostic – ingest and search data from multiple vendors as well as your own data, all from one secure single point of access

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Streaming on-demand, processing and streaming without software installation

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Unlimited users within your organization facilitating data sharing across your global organization

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In addition to satellite imagery, search multiple types of geospatial data for your area of interest including terrain, LiDAR, vector maps, drone imagery, videos, photo and other unstructured data 

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