Supporting Humanitarian Relief using Fresh Premium Geospatial Data

OneAtlas Data and Analytics offers high accuracy map extraction with outputs such as land use, building footprints and road vector data. NGOs and humanitarian relief organizations use these datasets to help combat serious challenges that our world is facing.



Monitoring poverty, hunger, and health; better understanding the effects of climate change; and protecting human rights are all critical challenges that the world faces today. In order to tackle these challenges, NGOs and humanitarian relief organizations require comprehensive datasets that can be derived from high-accuracy geospatial data.

Satellite Image -Cité Soleil - Haiti

Acquiring and accessing fresh imagery is easy with OneAtlas. Available in streaming, download or API, our imagery services provide access to premium or historical data, ready to use from the platform in your GIS tool. 

With OneAtlas Analytics, take our imagery services one step further to get high accuracy map extraction products based on highly accurate satellite imagery from OneAtlas.

OneAtlas Analytics offers high-accuracy map extraction with outputs such as land use, building footprints, and road vector data. This proprietary technology offers the ability to build countrywide - datasets to power critical decision making enabling a foundation of knowledge that promotes transparency, accountability, and sustained revenue.


  • Detail: high-accuracy extraction of 10+ class land use solution, including building footprints and roads
  • High Accuracy: best-in-class accuracy for any location intelligence or GIS application using advanced machine learning technology
  • Freshness of Data: Using accurate and fresh imagery from the Living Library enables users to have clearer picture of ground truth
  • Scalable, cost-effective solution with fast delivery: scale quickly across the globe to meet your needs in a fraction of the time and cost
  • Global Health: Help mitigate the spread of disease and monitor human security by tracking infections, enabling better disease intervention.
  • Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Planning: better understand the built and natural environment for more efficient green infrastructure energy planning in developing regions.
  • Population Mapping: monitor poverty and economic growth in conjunction with governmental agencies.


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