Automatic Field Boundary Detection

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Airbus has developed an algorithm based on state-of-the-art AI and computer vision technology that automatically delineates agricultural fields visible on a satellite image, producing a layer of polygons to describe them. Using high-resolution imagery, we can provide growers, agri-businesses, retailers and institutions with instant access to a number of territories. Additionally, by using local data we can provide field boundaries for new territories and by using very high-resolution imagery we can delineate complex environments to deliver boundaries for very small fields.


  • Timely and remote – access delineated fields instantly and remotely from your desktop.
  • Not labour intensive – remove labour inefficiencies associated with manual field boundary data capture.
  • Up-to-date – when allied with the Airbus constellation we can use the latest satellite imagery to ensure that the fields are up-to-date.
  • Consistent and mass area access – obtain good quality field boundaries for an entire country with the same high level of accuracy throughout.
  • Unbiased – field boundaries detected through high-resolution satellite imagery provide a reliable source of depicting, even very small, agricultural fields.
  • Cost-effective database maintenance – our automatic field boundary detection technology can be used to maintain and update existing boundary databases instantly by detecting any changes between previous and newly assessed boundaries.
  • Scalable – our algorithm can be trained to detect boundaries on many image resolutions and territories.
  • Accessible – The GIS data output is presented in polygons and compatible with many different agriculture products and applications
  • Off-the-shelf locations available now!



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