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Our Air Defence solutions assist air force operators and commanding centres in the challenging task of air space management, Air Traffic Control, Air Surveillance, operations and ground based air defence.

Fortion® 1SkyControl

Fortion® 1SkyControl is a new generation of Control and Reporting Centers (CRC) software that builds and disseminates the RAP (Recognized Air Picture). It assists air force operators in tracking and identifying airborne objects, air policing, selecting defensive forces to counter objects identified as threats and guidance of selected ressources to designated targets. 

Fortion® 1SkyControl key features

Airspace Sovereignity

  • Assists air force operators by monitoring and managing external threats during peacetime, crisis and wartime.

Air Defense

  • Establishment of the Recognized Air Picture (multi-sensor-tracking, automatic identification, data processing,…)
  • Air Mission Control (coordination of intercept operations)

Air Traffic Control

  • ATM Services insuring import, processing and display of information
  • Coordination with military and civil air traffic control
  • Processing and display of meteorological information

System control & Support functions

  • Monitoring and configuration of system hardware and software elements
  • Embedded training and simulation capabilities, at “real-like” level

Innovative 2D &3D HMI

  • Efficient workflow enabling operator workload reduction

Highly Scalable

3 versions to fit operational needs :

  • Static version, deployable version (9 shelters, 1 day), transportable version (3 transport cases, 4h)
  • Capability to integrate Command & Control of multiple hierarchical levels, sensor systems of different kind, communication and weapons (SAM* & fighter aircraft)          

*SAM = Surface-to-Air Missile

Your advantages with Fortion® 1SkyControl

Scalable to user need - Icon

Highly Scalable
Can be deployed on a single laptop “to go” up to 50 work positions

Customer support & training - Icon

In real-time and non-real-time

User friendliness - Icon

Easy Integration & Deployement

Capability to be embedded into a larger coalition airspace

Small footprint solution available for quick deployment

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

For all transports means

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Fortion® 1SkyTower

Fortion® 1SkyTower provides a complete air & ground picture, with centralized management of all information and improved aircraft protection. This state of-the-art solution ensures civil/military coordination, controls flight plans, NOTAM, weather and local resources (parking, aircraft availability, etc.). Support functions are available for operators such as training, simulation, synchronized data/voice recording, reduction and replay, system supervision.

Fortion® 1SkyTower key features

Aircrafts management

  • Sophisticated system that provides a complete
  • air & ground picture, with centralised management of all information and improved aircraft protection.
  • Ensure civil/military coordination, controls fl ight plans, NOTAM and weather. It also manages local resources (parking, aircraft availability, etc.).

Support Functions

  • Support functions are available for operators such as training, simulation, synchronized data/voice recording, reduction and replay, system supervision.

Comprehensive data access

  • Provide  consistent access to permanent data for all positions and ensures full management of strips, zones, roles, operators…
  • Its tracking function correlates data from various sensors, and merges many different track sources.

Your advantages with Fortion® 1SkyTower

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Solution for both military and civil usage

Scalable to user need - Icon
Compact solution or mobile version
Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

Adapted to peace time, crisis and war time

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Fortion® 1Sky UTM

Fortion® 1Sky UTM is a software which enables safe drone traffic management, so called unmanned aircraft traffic coordination. Centered around a Recognized Air Picture (RAP) the solution assists operators in management of airspace, automated tracking of drone traffic, flight de-confliction, air situation monitoring of manned and unmanned traffic, whilst interfacing with global ATM/ATC (Air Traffic Control).

Fortion® 1Sky UTM key features:

  • Airspace Management
  • Air Surveillance
  • 4D Trajectory Management
  • Flight Plan Management
  • Automated Flight Monitoring
  • Online Air Situation Display
  • Data recording & replay
  • UTM-to-ATM interfaces

Your advantages with Fortion® 1Sky UTM:

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Widely automated solution

Different data sources, sensors - Icon
Radar Tracking function
Defence applications - Icon
Track Data Fusion, integrated ATM with UTM air picture
Defence applications - Icon

Air Traffic Surveillance & Control

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Fortion® 1SkyICS

Fortion® 1SkyICS manages air operations and ground based air defence on the national territory and on theatres of operations abroad. It thus allows the air force to accomplish its mission and ensures permanent security of the airspace for military and governmental flights. It provides secure exchanges for information sharing between all sites (air bases, command centres…) and ensures interoperability with legacy systems and/or allied systems.

It is designed for peacetime (to guarantee sovereignty of the national airspace), crisis (deterrence of potential aggressors, participation in NATO/UN missions) and wartime (protection and support of own forces, war against enemy air warfare assets).

Fortion® 1SkyICS key features:

C2 resources management:

  • Airfield status (runways availability, airfield weather, …)
  • C2 systems status (radars, communication means, …)
  • Personnel

Force management:

  • Mission planning and tasking for aircrafts
  • Mission reports: analysis and synthesis

Your advantages with Fortion® 1SkyICS:

Scalable to user need - Icon


  • Trusted scalable and flexible architecture based on open and free software components
  • Works on fix pcs and touchpads
Flexible & Adaptable - Icon


  • Can be used in different operational configurations (fix or deployable centres)
  • Adapted to peacetime, crisis and wartime
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Fortion® SAMOC®

Fortion® SAMOC is a solution for coordination at a strategic level of all Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) assets, country-wide. 

It also handles specifically the Ballistic Missile Defence. It fulfil the current demands and requirements of the forces respectively for mission needs of the 21st century and is prepared for future enhancements by the use of an open architecture that facilitates flexibility and scalability.


Fortion® SAMOC® key features:

  • Supports the total military workflow from planning, decision, mission execution, monitoring and analysis,
  • Optimisation of a weapon mix from VSHORAD to Ballistic Missile Defence
  • High configurable to connect and operate with all kind of today’s and future weapon systems and sensors
  • Reach back, shared operations between forward and rear C2 element
  • Interoperability in Joint and Combined environment via Tactical DataLinks and Military Message Handling

Your advantages with Fortion® SAMOC®

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon
High operational flexibility and low operator workload 
Long experience & Proven product - Icon
Fielded and combat-proven, long lasting
good experience
Effective & Fast - Icon
Network Centric Approach -
guarantees same situation on all levels
High quality & Reliability_2 - Icon

According to Jane’s, SAMOC currently is one of the most advanced air-defence C2 systems

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Fortion® IBMS

Fortion® IBMS Integrated Battle Management Software is a Command and Control solution at an execution level against threats from ‘Low, Small, Slow’ targets, Counter UAS or conventional air threats.

Fortion® IBMS key features:

  • One operator can execute all functionalities from planning to fire a missile at one working position
  • Integrated mission planning and analysis
  • Highly configurable to connect and operate with all kind of today’s and future weapon systems and sensors
  • Interoperability in Joint and Combined environment via Tactical DataLinks and Military Message Handling

Your advantages with Fortion® IBMS:

Improved cooperation_1 - Icon

Saving man power and efficient useof the whole fire chain

Effective & Fast - Icon

Support tools to optimise and increase combat effectiveness

Scalable to user need - Icon

Designed to integrate 3rd party sensors and effectors and ability to work with a sensor / effector mix

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Flexible solution in mission preparation and execution via role based operational approach 

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Fortion® MDLU

Fortion® MDLU is an operational multi domain solution designed for Naval, Army and Air Force joint/combined system applications requiring an elevated level of network interoperability. The Multi Data Link Unit Fortion® MDLU provides interoperability between C2 units and other link capable units in a network centric environment. 

Fortion® MDLU key features

Tactical data link integration

  • Ensures the integration of numerous Tactical Data Links (NATO/national) and allows effective participation in combined and joint military operations and missions. The open architecture enables cost-effective integration of NATO Partnership for Peace or non-NATO systems.


  • Scalable, modular architecture easily adaptable to special operational needs

Support Functions

  • The MDLU may be configured to provide various additional support functions e.g.:
    • Filter
    • Recording, reduction and evaluation of all connected Tactical Data Links
    • Online modifi cation of MIDS initialization file
    • Advanced Planning, Command & Control Tools
  • Trackmanagement with correlation, conflict solution and transmit/receive rules according TDL standards

Links interoperability

  • Supported Data Links:
    • LINK 16, 22, 11 A/B
    • JREAP
    • LLAPI
    • SIMPLE
    • ATDL-1
    • optional national proprietary
  • Simultaneous multi link processing
  • Forwarding between Data Links

Your advantages with Fortion® MDLU

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Interface interoperability
Distinctive interface unique to the host system for all Tactical Data Links

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Variety of tactical data links

Ensure the support of nearly every NATO Tactical Data Link or special national adaptation

Scalable to user need - Icon

Trusted, scalable and modular architecture
Adaptable to special operational or customer needs

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

Qualified, fielded and combat proven solution for a wide range of operations

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SimFAC - Virtual Environment for FAC-JTAC

Fortion® SimFAC is a virtual simulation solution for the training of Forward Air Controller, designating the target on the ground for air support. The system is NATO certified.
The SIMFAC simulation system provides immersive virtual environment for

  • Forward Air Controller (FAC), Joint Terminal Attack Controller  (JTAC)
  • Forward Observer (NFO), Artillery observer

SimFAC key features

  • Supports FAC / JTAC certification and qualification (STANAG 3797) for type I, II, III night and laser
  • Used by French forces for trainees pre-screening, basic training, requalification, check runs and improvement by tactical drilling
  • Low cost solution based on COTS and printed replicas
  • Enables network distributed training (Computer Assisted Exercise, international exercises)
  • Rifle scope simulator for spotter-sniper training, micro-UAV simulation

Your advantages with SimFAC

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Interoperable with legacy simulation (Distributed Interactive Simulations, High Level Architecture)

Satellite - Icon

Versatile and flexible architecture: adaptable to other collective tasks such as sniper- spotter, artillery observer

Compliant with industry standards - regulation  - Icon

Accredited by NATO since 2013 & low cost

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