Improving Farm Resources and Water Management

Agriculture is a rapidly growing market (expected to more than double in the next 10 years) and becomes increasingly mature in its use of geo-information. This development is driven by the contradictive requirements faced by all actors in this market:  produce more over the same surface, manage inputs and costs whilst safeguarding the environment.
Our data and services support you in the development of productive and sustainable agricultural practices.

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Your Needs

Precision Agriculture Player

  • Monitor variability in crop development
  • Calculate the correct amount of fertiliser, water or pesticides
  • Forecast production yield
  • Support usual farm management / operations


  • Delineate field boundaries

Agriculture Institutional

  • Monitor national production
  • Map agricultural lands and plan their administration
  • Control farmers'compliance to regulation / subsidies
  • Establish and maintain a rural cadastre

Financial Institutes

  • Evaluate farm solvency
  • Trade on commodities stock exchange

Insurance Company

  • Implement a crop production index in order to build an insurance product
  • Assess losses based on actual damage extent in the field

Agro-Industrial Company

  • Monitor farming deforestation impact
  • Guide decision-making, determine how/where to engage across large supply chains.
  • Key analytics reports and alerts



First class analytics for next level precision farming

Industry leading maps characterising vegetation, based on a vast range of satellite and UAV imagery

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The Decision Support Tool for Agriculture

Complete range of advice for crops - at intra-plot scale - enabling modulation of agricultural inputs.

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Verify Your Forest Impact

Reliable verification service for "No-Deforestation" policies.

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Grassland Production Index

Reliable and objective estimate of pasture production losses

The Grassland Production Index is a service allowing insurers to cover cattle breeders against shortages in forage yield.

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