In our fast-changing world, satellite imagery provides additional information to monitor environmental events and implement sustainable solutions. With the largest constellation of optical and radar commercial Earth observation satellites, Airbus Intelligence is a key provider of data and knowledge.

In line with Airbus sustainable actions, Airbus Intelligence contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, by providing key Earth observations data from space.

Sustainability goals infographic

Airbus Intelligence supports its customers facing sustainability challenges, whatever their industry, from the monitoring of natural to industrial disasters, including the measurement of the impacts of agriculture practices or urban growth on natural resources and the monitoring of climate change.

This living evolving webpage is a showcase of real-life case studies, raising awareness on Earth observation data that supports sustainability goals, especially along two axes:

Environmental events

Benefitting from a vertical point of view, satellite imagery offers an overall view of natural events like fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, cyclones and climate change. The analysis and interpretation of satellite imagery provide a set of technical or scientific data such as: measurement of distances, surfaces, directions, and activity levels, to name a few. This data can then be used to derive information on the impact of such events.

Images of natural disasters that we monitored

Pléiades Neo Satellite Image - Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland - 30cm resolution

Monitoring of eruptions and the impact on the territory and exposed populations

Pléiades Neo
Fagradalsfjall volcano
Iceland 2022

SPOT satellite image - 1.5 resolution - Airbus DS 2021

Monitoring of the progression of disasters in emergency situations

Spot 6/7 - Forest Fires
Greek Island of Euboea 2021

Pléiades Satellite Image - Alex Storm, Nice, France - 50cm resolution

Monitoring of the progression of disasters in emergency situations

Alex storm
Nice, France 2020

Concrete applications to measure impact


Sustainable economy

Sustainability aims at preserving the Earth’s resources production capacity. Today, many initiatives are booming for the maintenance of a livable environment balanced with economic and social developments on a planetary scale.

Satellite imagery supports sustainable solutions by providing statistical data over territories, mapping and monitoring human practices, supporting innovation or simply as a witness to change. Such information is very useful to improve policies and to draw sustainable plans.

Images of natural disasters that we monitored

Pléiades Neo satellite image - Balearic Islands’ crystal-clear waters, Ibiza - 30cm resolution

Monitoring of fragile or protected ecosystems

Pléiades Neo
Balearic Islands’ crystal-clear waters
Ibiza, Spain 2022

Pléiades Satellite Image - San Quitin Glacier Patagonia

Monitoring of melting glaciers and rising waters

San Quintin Glacier
Chile 2019

Pléiades - Hoofddorp fields of poppies, Netherland50cm resolution - Airbus DS 2020

Precision agriculture and impacts of agriculture practices on the environment

Hoofddorp fields of poppies
Netherland 2020

Concrete applications to measure impact