Ultra-precise 3D Mapping - from a New Perspective

Discover 1cm Accurate 3D Models, Captured by the Airbus Airship!

The high resolution 3D Models captured by the Airbus airship ALTAIR and enriched with various data processing capabilities, enable smart decision making in growing and complex urban environments.

A high definition optical 3D Model of the city of Aying, near Munich with the right half in a grid view


Where satellite imagery focuses on the “big picture”, providing models with a global coverage, airborne photography enables higher accuracy at centimetre level, generated locally.

A high definition 3D model above the roofs of Schriesheim in a splitted view: optical model left and thermal model right


The geo-referenced 3D Models are captured with optical or thermal sensors by the Airbus airship. The low flying platform is key, to provide highly precise maps with an accuracy of 1cm. It is certified to fly over urban environments and critical infrastructure, which makes it a unique solution for aerial mapping with a high area coverage.


The Optical or Thermal Models are enriched with post processed data analytics, which include:

A high resolution 3D model layer that compares two models of the same location and detects changes, such as infrastructure or construction changes

Change Detection

High resolution 3D model layer that compares two models of the same location captured at two different points in time and detects changes, such as infrastructure or construction changes

A layer that can calculate 2D or 3D Measurements, such as the distance from one point to another

Measurements and Simulation

Layer that can calculate 2D or 3D Measurements, such as the distance from one point to another

Classification map showing the church tower of Aying, near Munich

Object Parametrization

Parametric representation of a point on a high resolution 3D

Representation of a signal’s propagation, shown on a high resolution 3D Map of Aying, near Munich

Viewshed analysis

Representation of a high frequency signal propagation or Viewshed analysis, based on HD 3D Maps

A representation of an automatic object classification on a high resolution 3D Map of Aying, near Munich

Automatic object classification

Representation of an AI based object classification detecting cars

An orthogonal view of a highway shown on an optical high resolution 3D Map 

Surface Analytics

Analyzing surface quality, road signs, damages, cracks and other abnormalities
Altair back cropped

The highly accurate Mapping products in combination with layer techniques, allow for very precise measurements and analytics.

They are an extremely accurate digital basis to conduct Infrastructure Planning, Change Detection and Simulations for many application areas such as the Construction Sector, Energy Management or Urban Mobility.


How to get access?

We support both: on premise data delivery as well as cloud-based solutions on a ready to use application. The Models can also be integrated into existing customer solutions via API.


“We are ready to scale, are you?”

Airship ALTAIR

Ultra-precise 3D Mapping Key Features

  • Multiple Layers

Sensors for Thermal and Optical 3D Maps combined with customised layers.

  • High Accuracy

1cm GSD, nearly 1:1 to reality thanks to the airship data capture technology.

  • Tailored Approach

Production on-demand for your area of interest, certified for low altitude flights over cities and critical infrastructure.


Your advantages with Ultra-precise 3D Mapping

Cost efficient - Icon


Save time and costs with a 1:1 digital reality of your area of interest!

Effective & Fast - Icon


Conduct your measurements virtually thanks to trusted, 1cm accuracy!

Mapping applications - Icon


Get unique insights for places, where drones cannot fly with high areal coverage!

What our Customers Say

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„Wir haben mit dem Luftschiff ALTAIR eine sehr interessante Plattform für großflächige Vermessungen und Inspektionen aus der Luft gefunden. Das Luftschiff ermöglicht uns urbane Gebiete in niedrigen Höhen zu überfliegen und dadurch eine außerordentlich hohe Auflösung zu erreichen.

"With the Airbus Airship ALTAIR we have found an excellent platform for large area scans and inspections in urban environments. Due to the high safety level we can operate in low altitudes, and achieve an extraordinary resolution."

Wolgang Herbst,
Vaireco GmbH

	CLIMAP Mannheimer Versorgungs Verbund Logo

Mannheimer Versorgungs Verbund

"MVV Energie AG setzte das Airbus-Luftschiffsystem ALTAIR erfolgreich im Rahmen des Innovationsprojektes CLIMAP für die flächendeckende thermografische Erfassung von Gebäuden ein."

The "MVV Energie AG" successfully used the Airbus airship solution ALTAIR in the frame of the innovation project CLIMAP for a large scale thermal detection of buildings.

Clemens Peters,
MVV (Mannheimer Versorgungs Verbund)


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