Pioneering is key for Airbus. We are supporting students, university researchers and scientists to discover solutions for the most complex problems of our world.


At Airbus, we aim to support academic institutions by providing access to the most complete satellite constellation, including the highest resolution commercial satellite imagery in the market. Depending upon your project, there are different ways to apply for access:

Living Library Illustration

We offer flexible pricing and usage to our data services within OneAtlas including: Living Library, Basemap and One Tasking according to the terms and conditions of our Academic Licence.

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If your project is not funded, you may apply for access:

Pléiades and SPOT

For access to SPOT and Pléiades data via DINAMIS (Dispositif Institutionnel National d’Approvisionnement Mutualisé en Imagerie Satellitaire). DINAMIS, is a platform that acquires and distributes Earth satellite imagery for French institutional users (as well as scientific and public players) and European scientists (under specific subscription conditions) for research activities in the frame of their institutional missions and innovation purposes.

The platform aims to ease the access to very high resolution commercial optical satellite data (Pléiades, SPOT 6). It also serves as a relay for free high resolution optical and radar images.

If you wish to get more details about this initiative and request imagery for your own project, please refer to the DINAMIS web site.

Radar Constellation (TerraSAR-X / PAZ)

For access to radar data please contact the experts from the German Aerospace Center

DMC Constellation and Vision-1

For access to DMC and Vision-1 please contact our UK customer care team

Pléiades - Carbis Bay, England