OneAtlas Basemap

The Most Useful Imagery at Your Fingertips

OneAtlas Basemap gives you simple and cost-effective access to the highest-grade Airbus satellite imagery, covering the whole world.

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OneAtlas Basemap - Helps You in Your Missions

The OneAtlas Basemap provides an immediate understanding of a specific Area of interest in support of your missions anywhere on the globe. The intuitive online service connects you to the freshest images and enables collaboration across teams all over the world.


Your advantages with OneAtlas Basemap:

Effective & Fast - Icon

Imagery of the whole world always less than a year old

High quality & Reliability - Icon

Resolution: 1.5m over the world, 50cm over the top 3,000 cities; Highest grade imagery only

Flexible & Adaptable - Icon

Flexible: 24/7
streaming service or download, adapted to your workflows

Customer support & training - Icon

24/7 dedicated customer support

Pick the Right Product for Your Needs

One View One Live
A cost-effective and consistent snapshot of the globe Top quality, never-ageing basemap


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